I'm 16 and interested in pc gaming. I typically prefer AMD in builds below $1000 and I am beginning to save for my first pc. I was originally going to get a custom pc through a vendor such as ibuypower or cyberpowerpc but I heard a few bad reviews about them and figured I might as well just build it myself. At first it seemed like it would be a very complicated task but as I began to watch more and more youtube videos(newegg how to build a pc) I began to realize a computer is a lot like a very expensive, static sensitive lego set. Now I spend most of my time commenting on other peoples builds and customizing my parts list to reflect any recent sales or discounts. As well as helping my friend[username:death] customize his parts list before he gets his pc. I'm buying my parts that are cheaper and don't experience any huge variances in price over time first and then I am going to try to purchase the cpu and gpu together.