My current pfp is the systemd logo:

I'm a random person living in Colorado. I try to learn Arch Linux but I'm still pretty bad with it. In fact, I'll maybe will switch because I don't like the "btw i use arch" stereotype that people seem to associate with me.

My first build:

My name

On the Duolingo forums, I was learning Spanish and set my username to nonoesimposible and set my profile picture to Luke in a effort to create some humor. However, when taken out of the context of language learning, it doesn't make much sense.

I've considered a rebranding to "NoNo", which is my preferred nickname anyway.

Most favorite builds of all time

Any of the Mirørs.
I also enjoy seeing what people do with the Phanteks Evolv Shift and Shift X.

I LOVE this build; its theme is unique, clean, and the most creative theme I have ever seen.

I like the aesthetic of Noctua Chromax too.

Social Media

I've always been kinda skeptical about letting anybody on the internet have the possibility of seeing my Discord tag, so I'm always waffling over whether to include it here. It is: