Guess it's time I finally filled this out.

Hi! The name's Robert. I'm 22. I live in Arizona where I work in the IT department for a law firm.

I've been a heavy PC user for the better half of my life, but I only got into PC building in 2014. Before then, I was gaming on a very shoddy 1GB RAM, 250GB Panasonic Toughbook. When I started working and earning my own money, I decided it was time to move up from a serf of the master race to part of the commonwealth. I found out about PCPP when I decided that it was time to upgrade to a better PC that can run my games buttery smooth and stream/record/render without breaking a sweat (old PC broke multiple sweats doing that). I feel like I've grown from being a PC gamer/Youtube Content Creator to a PC building enthusiast over the past few months with all I've learned. I find myself looking at new builds and thinking up ideas for future builds when I used to read about new games coming out and whatnot.

Grateful for this awesome community that I've found. Ya'll have taught me a lot and I'm still learning everyday!

Outside of wading in PC waters, I enjoy playing the drums, driving, anime/manga, and sleeping.