I've been an amature PC builder for years (since 1998) I've never been able to really splurge on a PC, just build it the complete way that I want, I always have to work within a budget, however this has allowed me to have a fairly high end PC every few years since '98. All built myself. I've never bought a prefab PC in my life.

All knowledge I have about PC's is self taught, and what I've learned through websites such as these. I'm really glad I found this site as it saved me a boat load of cash on my newest build (completed February 5th 2014) which is the most money I've ever spent on a PC but I believe I got alot of bang for my buck. Hopefully I will get it posted on here as soon as I can manage to get a day off work!

On a personal note. I'm a family man, married with 3 kids. Live in Illinois, work miles outside of the field that I was educated for, and even further away from the Profession that I had dreamed of working in...computers. But hey, I make a good living and it fuels my PC building habit!