Novice. Completed 1st build on own (GameBeast X99).

X99 platform, i7 5930K, 32G DDR4 3000MHz RAM, 2x AlphaCool 480mm Radiators, push-pull up top, push-only on bottom. Dual Vector 180 (960MB) SSD's in RAID 1 for boot drive. 4x Seagate 3TB 7200RPM drives in RAID 10 for Data drives. GTX Titan X.

Overclocked CPU from stock 3500MHz to 4200Mhz. Still running in the mid to high 30 degree Celsius range (Have not seen it go past 39 degrees yet). (Did this in the BIOS)

Overclocked Titan X: 7712 MHz on the memory, 1296MHz on the Core GPU clock. Up from 7000MHz and 1000MHz respectively (Used EVGA PrecisionX 16).

Got the memory to take a 3050MHz overclock (Also did this in the BIOS).

Futures: - May go to a Dual SLI Titan X setup if think that will benefit. - May go to a Ultra M.2 Boot drive. - Will try to implement RAM Drives once I research further. Unsure of the benefit so far, based on how I use the computer (Gaming and Adobe Lightroom are probably my most applicable applications for RAMDrive).

I still suck online at games, but not nearly as bad as before. The new build made a huge difference, but i think there are "Game Hacks" out there that make playing online pretty tough for fairly new players.