I am a Phoenix, Az native who happens to like my computers running really cool. That led me to watercooling my PC's and if the system is for my personal use I will not go any other way again. I started PC gaming early on back when the first CounterStrike was Released on a Laptop that my parents had given me for Christmas. As I got older, Console gaming became my thing and I only used PC's for browsing the web until a few years ago I decided to play some games on what was, at the time, a 5 year old 15 inch Macbook Pro (late 2008). In 2013 a friend of mine and I decided to get busy and we bought some matching desktops with a dedicated graphics card and that's when the desire to upgrade and build my own setup came to life. It started out with my Corsair 760t and an all in one cpu loop with a single GTX770. Then from there it all took off. See my current build today. I'll try to post some of my old builds if I can find the pictures.