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Hello there, TRESPASSER, GET OUT OF MY PRO... oh sorry! I thought you were somebody else. Anyway, I am just another boring member of the pcpp community. I am trying to get enough money to build my very own rig and one day, I will be able to game without anything stopping me. I currently have an old Vista gaming machine chugging beside me. A very short list of good things about it:

1. It is better than a laptop I used to have, because it has a Intel Core 2 Quad and Geforce 9800 GT, compared to the laptop's pentium and Intel HD graphics

And a long list of bad things about it:

1. It is noisy 2. It is Windows Vista which is slow and takes up half the ram (4Gb!) when running nothing, and it is repulsive when it comes to WiFi, and I'm not even going to mention the driver problems with usb keyboards and mice(Windows XP works fine, but Vista does not)! 3. It is smelly (smells of burning dust) 4. It is hot, CPU temps 31C idle but 60C when under load, GPU temps 54C idle and 74C when under load 5. The sound from the audio jack is a bit squeaky and crackly 6. And 50+ other things that I am to lazy to put down!

So now you can see why I would like a nice custom powerful rig.

I now have a machine that can run most games 1080p 60fps! Hooray!