I design custom homes. It was during my undergraduate studies that I built a computer for the first time. Since then I learned a lot more and found it to be an asset to understand how the machines we sit in front of for hours a day work.

As my interest in computers has grown, so also has my interest in how things were done before them. I find hand drawn construction documents to be really interesting, and sometimes very beautiful to look at. I've also found that the more I understood how drawings were done by hand, the better I was able to create construction documents in AutoCAD. I used to primarily create models of houses on the computer, but recently I've discovered an appreciation for creating physical, tangible models. I like finding ways to use digital media to compliment physical media. Over time I've realized that knowing how to run a drafting program, or modeling program, doesn't make someone a good designer but, it can be an effective tool to know on the journey to become one.

With my knowledge of PC's combined with a background in design, I really appreciate builds that are clean, cohesive, and purposeful.