In college: graduating senior Computer Science/Biology Major

Out of college: Technical Analyst at Tyson Foods, Inc. (System Administration)

Basically, I started a business out of my dorm building peoples' computers. I was so mad at how much my friends were spending on computers at [insert corporation here], so I told them that if they gave me $50 for labor and the price of the machine, I'd build them something awesome. From there, it's spread to a few other people, and now I've gotten quite a few builds on my hands!

In college, we don't have a hardware side to our computer science degree; it's strictly software side. Once I got into system administration and learned of the hardware world, I started the business as a way to easily keep in touch with the hardware aspects of computer science. I try to read up and build as much as I can, but I've found no greater resource than this website. It's awesome.