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Dec. 15, 2015, 4:58 p.m.

About SilverWolf149

I'm just a computer hardware junkie who loves staring at computer parts, who just happened to be questioning how to find computer parts before I found PCPP. Why not rank my interests? Not necessarily in order of greatness, but whatevs.

  • Star Wars(most specifically R2-D2 and the Expanded Universe novels). Afterthought - For those who know what Star Wars EU is, you know if I were to be correct it would be called the "Legends" novels. While Disney's done alright so far with the new movies, they will never, ever convince me EU is dead. Afterthought complete.

  • PCs(anything related and especially building them)

  • pizza, bacon, and Dr. Pepper - the drink that keeps me going

  • Transformers(G1 is the best)

  • Parks and Rec, The X-Files, and The Office

  • If I were to vote for anyone, it would be The Donald because orange is the bestest. jk the reason I would vote for him would be his voice. jk again. The 2016 election is over and the Donald has emerged victorious. Meh, whatever. Nobody cares anymore anyway.

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Hidden Parts

On PCPP, some parts or even whole categories don't show up when looking through the part listings or even when you're searching for them. PM me if there are any that I might've missed.

But let's get real. If you create a part list and go to "Create Custom Part" and give a link to any of PCPP's supported retailer websites, you can make it a custom part and added to the database. So yeah, nothing special here I guess. Still will add to this list so maybe people won't have to go through the hassle of looking for their own parts and adding them(a whole 5 minutes!).

526christian's learning thread

Check out this awesome forum post by 526christian. It pretty much has info on everything that a beginner or an experienced builder might want. So yeah, check it out.

So far PCPP is my favoritest website of all time. Looking forward to many years of helping disgruntled console players. Seeya.