I like computers. I like gaming. Looking at PC's is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Currently working on a AMD built (This on pause due to ryzen)

Also working on personal gaming built with a i5-6600k (almost done, just browsing gpu's right now)

I currently own about three computers. Once I get around to, uh, making them pretty I will put them up on here.

I am a girl for those who are curious about the name. (I thought it was self explanatory) I mainly play MMO's, however I'm growing tired of them so RPG for the win right now. (Final Fantasy, another guilty pleasure)

I main on ps4 and PC, username on all platforms is SheCorrupted (are you surprised? I'm not) You have permission to add me, be aware if I don't play with you (consider yourself deleted eventually)

I like to think I'm friendly, despite my username.