I just started being interested in building computers around January of 2019. I love gaming and have just seen streamers and how they can play games at high frame rates AND stream at the same time and really want to have something like that. Currently, I have an HP Notebook 2018 Edition. (It's a really bad laptop and I have always wanted an upgrade) That's when I thought about building a new computer! I started out putting together jumbles of pc parts on amazon, but that wasn't working out. I just didn't know enough about computers yet. After days and days of videos on how to build computers and learning the different parts in a computer and how they impacted the performance of a system, I learned more and more and started being more interested in building a pc. Then, I found PC Part Picker. This has helped me put together system part lists easily and faster. I have found so many amazing computers that were built by others. This website is a place that I check on a daily basis.