Hi. I am Nullarc77. PCPP's resident Human Tank

I also have a Youtube channel where I currently make LEGO and some gaming videos.

The Book of the Masterbuilders

It has become apparent to me, oh great Masterbuilders, and Part Pickers of this sacred site, that a written historical record must be made and preserved for future generations so that they may keep the reverence and respect for the Masterbuilders, and not fall away from the faith. I have taken upon the task of writing such a record. For it must be done for the sake of future generations. Blessed be the Masterbuilders.

Chapter 1.

And in those days there was disorder and chaos. The people of the lands of Youtube and Reddit struggled to piece together a great list. One that would provide the greatest framerates for their budget. The lists were unorganized. Compiled with links to various sites, and the only way to compare was manually. It was indeed a dark time. Then on the sacred day, when the Masterbuilder, Phillip, finished the piece of code that would create a revolution. And thus PC Part Picker was born.

Legends says it was rough in the early. Historical catalogers have left us images of the site in it's youth. It certainly paled in comparison to what the Masterbuilders have since constructed for us. It was a time when single core CPUs were still sold, and the highest you could select on the holy page was 6 cores, and that would be almost $1000 according to the catalogers. Truly a primitive time for the sacred site. Over the next few months the site would see small updates. Additions as new parts were released, and the eventual creation of a primitive version of the sacred symbol for our Masterbuilders, the logo.

It was in these days The Originator, BrutalSauce, became the first citizen of the land. He carved himself into time itself by becoming the first creator of a completed build. He was for a time called king by the people. But he disappeared for many winters. And his messages are scarce, yet taken with the reverence and honor due to The Originator.

Chapter 2

Coming soon.

My story.

Well I am 17 years old. I live in Florida Florida man, Florida man, can do anything a crackhead can. I am from Minnesota Small Cola. I lived there most of my life. But I have also lived in Indiana In Da wut?, Wisconsin Cheesistan, Kansas the can has a what?, Michigan who is Mich and what is he doing again? Texas Murica, and Missouri. I have moved a lot. In total I have moved 13 times. Some people may not like moving around that much. I have. Being able to live in all these different places and all the different experiences are something I would never trade for living in one spot.

I grew up playing hockey. First stepped on ice when I was 5 and have had a love for the game since. First time I actually played was when I was 6. It wasn't until I got into sports that people actually got upset at me and my parents simply because of my height. I was born at 11 pounds and 14 ounces so I have been a big person since my birth. And I was always a head or two taller than everyone else my age. I was 5 feet tall when I was 7 or 8. I grew past 6 feet tall when I was 10. And with me being so much bigger than all the other kids, parents questioned my age and didn't believe I was the same age as their kid who I was a foot taller and 50 pounds heavier then. My height and weight didn't help much with non contact hockey, but when I began to play football when I was 12. Being a 6' 5" 290 pound 12 year old made me perfect for offensive and defensive line. So that's what I did. And I did it well. Now I am 6' 10" and currently play nothing.

I have always been kind of a geek. Been a gamer since I was 3. One of my earliest memories was playing Super Tux on an old CRT in the corner of my living room. Back then in what I guess would have been considered rural Indiana(We did have a corn field on 3 sides of our house) not many people had computers, much less internet, but with my Dad being a software engineer that worked several hours from where we lived it was kind of needed in order for him to provide.

When I was 4 we had moved to Minnesota and it was then that my brothers let me play Command and Conquest on their computers. Generals was the first one I learned how to play and I still remember the first map I played on when they were teaching me how to play and somewhat of the base I build before getting destroyed by an easy computer enemy. And I have been playing C&C Generals for the past 12 years.

I have always been a primarily PC gamer. Got my first desktop when I was 7 for school(but I mostly used it for gaming). I looked it up a few years back and it had a 1 core, 1 thread AMD CPU with the motherboard having an integrated nVidia graphics accelerator. And 2gb of DDR2 667mhz RAM. What a beast

About that time my family also got a Nintendo Wii. And Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga. That is what really made me a gamer.

When I was 8 I played a first person shooter for the first time. Star Wars Republic Commando. And when you are 8 and playing on the mission ghost ship, it is basically a horror game. And my brothers and I really got into Star Wars around that time. Always up Saturday morning to either catch the rerun of Friday night's clone wars episode or if my parents were watching the TV we would watch it on my Mom's laptop.

When I was 10 I got my first upgrade. To a 2 core 2 thread 1.8ghz Intel Celeron laptop with 4gb of RAM.

I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe. - Temuera Morrison. Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones.

My history with computers.

It all started when I was about 11 years old and I got Minecraft for the PC. Having only played it on the Xbox 360 up to that point, and having seen many videos of the PC version and how much better it was than the consoles version I was excited when I bought it on PC. Then when I finally got the game downloaded and started playing it. Well my laptop at the time could not really run Minecraft well. On some of the lowest settings I could not get 30fps most of the time. So I started looking into things I could do to fix it. And that is what got me into computers.

I started doing research into how I could upgrade a laptop. After watching several videos I found that I really couldn't do anything to get better performance on my laptop. So I started looking towards alternate options. At this point I had a growing list of games I wanted to play on PC. So just getting something for Minecraft was out of the question because that would mean a system that couldn't play other games I wanted to play. So I started looking into what to look for in a gaming PC. Then my Dad recommend that I build one. He said it would be much easier than I expect and he advised I do research into it. So I did. After about 50 hours of youtube videos I was able to grasp how to build a PC and what to buy for a PC. But I got curious. I didn't have the money then to build a PC so I decided to wait. In that time my brother created an Xbox Live silver account and we were able to update Minecraft.(Yeah we didn't know anything about that lol). So with the game being updated it satisfied my craving for more content in Minecraft.

Anyway I got curious less on how to build a PC and more on what the parts do, and I wanted to get a better understanding of the individual parts and how they work. So I just started watching Youtube videos and hundreds and hundreds of hours of Youtube videos. And roughly 3 years after I started because of Minecraft I was able to build my first PC. The Pillar of Autumn.

My favorite part of this site.

My 1000th Comment.

My 2000th Comment

My 3000th Comment

My most upvoted comment

Favorite games of all time.

1: C&C Generals Zero Hour.

2: Star Wars Republic Commando

3: Terraria

4: Super Metroid

5: Halo Combat Evolved(This over Reach mainly because of SPV3)

People who you can have an interesting conversation with(If you want to be included feel free to PM me)


Hellfire19981 RIP


LegionNate(Fomerly Legonate416)




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Well I originally made this description back in I think early 2018 or late 2017. It's now January 2019 and I have decided to update this.