Hi. I'm a kiddo born in 2002 with an expirence and taste of the 90s due to having brothers from that era. Some things I like

Game design: not started yet until I get the MG-1 completed

More than Liking material stuff I also like K N O W L E D G E so I am subbed to yt channels of that kind and also been in presence of 2011 memes and am aware meme-economy I hate some and love some

Bicycles:I own a simple modded speed bic.

G4m3R stuff: Speed ,Bassy sounds ,Completing and breaking games intentionally are the things I like (eg rollouts, shotguns/explosions ,collectables and "scerets")

the 4-11.5 yo era: In that time I have played Quake, Cs1.6, NFS:IIse a good nfs game with allota cheat codes an a drivable T-Rex with a huge hitbox ,F-16 a cool tacticle air combat game with added paranoia ,Ye olde NES and SEGA classics on an emulator also plyed all of those miniclip flash games + played some casual popcap games with my family

10-12yo era: some classic and underrated jems of PS2 games like GTA:SA, MC3 the newer release of it, the 1st Level of Burnout 3 (I was dumb okay), Sonic Heroes (yup thats what I can say for this just yup), Heatseeker a game with better visuals and less paranoia than F-16

12-16yo regret and tech wisedom era:Bought a PS4 since my experience with the amount of great games on ps2 worked out greatly so me and my 1 other brother thougt if the ps2 was good then ps2 might be better x2, oh how wrong we were-ish then played: BF4, BF1, OW, D2, TF|2 and NFS:P