Just a dude, dude.

Around 2009 I had a facepalm moment where I realized my geek destiny after having shunned all geekness for so long. It came first in the form of a website I had to build because I didn't have the budget (quotes began at $5,000 minus annual maintenance and support).

From there I got psychotically interested in other things computer: computer science, programming, etc. Website 3.0 was my best yet. 4.0 will be better and so on. 3.0 was exactly what I wanted, and only took 2 years, the cost of Sublime and Adobe, and several questions asked on Stack Exchange; much less than $7,000 dollars not counting my time. My time I count as paying for a good education which pays for itself.

I also used to have severe misgivings concerning gaming and the amount of wasted time I observed being spent on something so unproductive... then I got banned from one of the better known servers for cheating; I was trying to follow a how to article on changing values. I feel like I was trolled. But I dabbled in Java and C++ hoping to get a basic understanding. Finally gave up, but I still tinker.

My computer conquests to date are mostly in the name of recording and graphic design, some architectural 3D.

I'll never own ProTools or Maya or iOS. I'll pay whatever exorbitant premium necessary to support software like Reaper DAW. I believe in the "little guys". Industry standards and mythical giants aren't going to do a better job. Wanna bet?!?! In the realm of such commercially produced crap, for blind followers and know nothings, the only limit is the machine and the creator. Software should provide options while working universally with other software... something Steve Jobs should have figured out. Even Bill could use that advice from time to time.

For example: <first search result. You have to go down the lists to find Reaper even mentioned for some reason. (I'm not a fan boy. I'd jump ship if anyone could point me to something that gives engineers and producers more options. If that's even possible)

If you look through that list, my choice isn't listed although it competes with, and mostly kills PT. Why? My guess is that hardware in most studios is centered on compatibility with old standards... that and brand recognition.

If engineers and producers were as hard on developers as gamers, DAWs would be able to control a space station :thumbsup:

Stupid rant. I'm done. Thank you. LOL!!!!