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Blog Post "PCPartPicker Mobile Site Now Available"

Fallion 1 point 44 months ago

My pc died about a month ago. Figuring out what all to get to put a new one together was a lot more confusing until my cousin's husband suggested this site to me. This site took care of a lot of the issues I was running into without it.

As for this mobile version, I really like it. Ever since it was recommended to it it's been one of my go-to sites for figuring out what to get and what I've already decided on. Plus, since all of the shopping for my new pc has been via my Android transformer tablet, I wouldn't not have been able to use this site if you didn't have this mobile version. Thanks for having your site on a mobile version. I'd love to have an app for it as well so I can go to my stuff at the touch of an icon on my tablet rather than the extra steps of bringing it up through my Internet Explorer, but at least I have it this way rather than nothing at all.