Long time PC builder/ enthusiast going back to the late 90's. I'm an obsessive deal hunter and used parts buyer/seller, and absolutely have get the most bang for my $ as is possible (in the long-term) with only few exceptions (and only when the build is for me).

This means most of the build's I do are budget to mid price bang/$ builds for other people, mostly using used parts from older platforms (i.e. Ivy Bridge/Z77, or Haswell/Z97) though with Ryzen 3 out now, things have definitely got more interesting than OC'd used 3rd/4th gen i5's simply being the go-to, bang/$ PC build king, and that's it. Ryzen 3 costs more up front, and loses on the single-threaded front, but it's on a far more modern platform (i.e. DDR4) with at least 3 years of guaranteed, socket compatible CPU upgrades rather than a years old dead end, so who knows which direction I'll be going in now haha.

Outside of max bang/$ builds for others, and the occasional over the top gaming rig and workstation for those aquaintence's FAR more financially endowed than I am (a lot of Hackintosh's; gasp I know right? What a shock? ;) ), the only build's that I'll at all really splurge on outside of specifically being asked, our my own. This is where I'm willing to spend a little extra cash on new/recent hardware, aesthetics, cooling beyond the PC's min need (at it's clocks), etc and past the holy statisical bang/$ "sweet spot"..... For an example of this, see my current (and one and only) setup in my completed builds list. Build page's for PC's I've built for other's which I still have access to, or pics of, will be coming later when I get the time.