"If the part doesn't fit, godamit, I'll make it fit!"

Owner of the cheapest build more than $0.01 on PC Part Picker!

Oh. I typed my name wrong. It's supposed to be Brooklyn_Tony198, not Brooklyn_TOny198.

Hello! I am a young guy who plays video games and tinkers with computers. With my constraints, a tight budget, and a DIY approach to things, I sometimes find interesting ways to build my PCs. I like to help people on the forums a lot. Hopefully I am helpful...

My first build/upgrade was an Optiplex 745 SFF, my retired gaming PC. (DIY things: cutting apart the HDD bay, putting in a 2.5" HDD instead of a 3.5")

I then built Forward_Salvage, a build completely using salvaged computer components. It is now my mother's computer. The color scheme was a happy accident.

Then I upgraded a Dell XPS 8700 with a GTX 1050 and a SSD (an?), aka Project: Rapture.

Time to build a SFF HTPC using the CPU and RAM from Project: Rapture! When I get the money! Which is probably on my birthday in like 3 months...