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Case Fan

Noctua - NF-A12x25 PWM 60.1 CFM 120mm Fan

( 5.0 Average / 5 Ratings )




Part #

NF-A12x25 PWM





Air Flow

49.73 CFM - 60.1 CFM

Noise Level

18.8 dB - 22.6 dB


450 - 2000 RPM

Static Pressure

2.34 mmH₂O

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Komplett €29.95 +€9.95 s/h €39.90

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eli_harper13 40 points 8 months ago

It took them a long time but Noctua did it! These fans brought a 3C drop in temp compared to the F12 fans! Not to mention they do not put off the annoying hum that my F12 fans did. Totally worth the upgrade.

dminer78 17 points 7 months ago

I can't even hear the fans spinning during idle and they're barely audible even at full load with an overclock. The short fan cables were a nice touch too. They're just long enough to reach the fan headers without having too much extra wire. And if you do need the extra length they give an extension cable in the box.

MisterCloudz 26 points 4 months ago
from completed build Inwin a1 V2

Nothing else to say. Best fans over all! Using 4 fans in this case. 1 for the aio and set to turbo fan curve from asus bios, while the other 3 fans (including 2 under gpu) set to silent fan curve. Barely makes any sound (unless you have very sensitive ear drum and can pick up low sound) and it's best for cooling. I don't use any low noise adapters because it is pwm and i let the motherboard do the work. I don't like to cap the rpm just because at 2000 rpm you can hear sound. Plus, i wouldn't go 2000 rpm unless you really have to.

1 fan is using push config on aio. The rear fan is intake from behind the case that blows air to the gpu side. This fan also has a mesh fan filter so thick dust particles don't get in the case. And the 2 intake fans from bottom blows fresh cool air to the gpu and case.

TemporaryDependent 8 points 2 months ago
from completed build Circle Pro Build

Quality is on another level with this one. Noctuas excellence right there.

Benjamin1966 23 points 1 month ago
from completed build Entry Level Gaming PC

The best fan I've ever owned. Even at 2000 RPM you can barely hear it. Great for radiators and has a fantastic build quality.