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Corsair - K70 Wired Gaming Keyboard

( 4.9 Average / 8 Ratings )






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(or) CH-9000076-DE



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Switch Type

Cherry MX Blue

Includes Mouse


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xxtgzxx 18 points 50 months ago
from completed build My first build

Great keyboard! as my first mechanical keyboard, this is perfect in every way! The aluminum body makes this keyboard feel premium, lights make it easy to see in the dark and makes the keyboard in my opinion look awesome, also has some useful media switches along with a windows key lock button and a button to select certain keys to light up. Definitively will recommend to others.

stricken404 24 points 45 months ago
from completed build Vulcan III

You ever been working late at night in the next room and are trying to be quiet so the wife can sleep? This is the keyboard for you! (sarcasm!!!) I've used MX Blues before and know how loud the click is. If you still like the tactile feel, but don't want the click, opt for browns. The red LED has three brightness levels (four, if you count off), though I usually keep mine on the lowest setting. There is a Windows key lock, and an FPS lighting profile button that just illuminates the arrow keys, number keys from 1-6, and WASD (though I believe you can change what keys are illuminated). The media keys are awesome. There is a large mute button, next to a steel or aluminum textured volume roller (definite extra points for this), there is also a (stop, previous song, play/pause, next song) button row right above the numpad. Dedicated media keys are always a plus, especially if they feel good and work right, as these do both. The included wrist rest is nice, and it is the same length all the way across, so perfect for typing. There are both front and rear pop-out feet that are rubberized when closed and opened.

It also comes with 10 replacement keys. These keys are textured red, and angled intelligently. It comes with 1-6 in red with rough bumpy texture, with number 1 being angled to the right, and number 6 being angled to the left. It also comes with WASD in red, bumpy texture. The A is angled to the right, and the D is angled to the left. S is flat, and W is angled towards you. Clearly these replacements are for FPS. The key puller tool that it comes with is the cheap black plastic ring claw one, the claw teeth aren't long enough, so you have to press down a couple of times to get it to grab. A nicer wire one would have been appreciated.

Time for my only gripes with this keyboard: 1. There is only one USB pass-through and it is barely even adequate to charge a smart phone. 2. The sleeved cable which goes back about 3 feet before splitting into two USB cables is much too thick, it is so thick it knocks stuff around on my desk if I have to slide my keyboard forward 3. The Corsair Gaming logo is tacky... it does honestly look like a tramp stamp, and since this is my professional keyboard, with the Logitech G910 Orion Spark being my gaming keyboard, it is definitely out of place. A classic Corsair Sails logo would be appreciated (which I've heard they've gone back to)

5/5 regardless, the keyboard is immaculate, and the design and included extras outweigh the little gripes here and there.

fenris244 17 points 37 months ago

Typing on mine right now. MX Blues are my favorite and the red lighting is nice. I prefer red because it doesnt sting my eyes in the dark. Lighting settings are great with a custom profile built in and 4 levels of light from the keys. Included keycap puller works great. Best of all this keyboard has super solid construction. Metal plate holding all the surface. Thick braided cable and the USB pass through is super nice. Corsair has my business for life on the keyboard side of things if they can maintain this level of function and quality. Highly recommend