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Power Supply

Corsair - 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

( 4.8 Average / 19 Ratings )






Part #

(or) CP-9020081-UK
(or) CP-9020081-EU




650 W



Efficiency Certification

80+ Gold

PCI-Express 6+2-Pin Connectors


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Custompc €186.03 In stock €186.03+

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livend 10 points 40 months ago
from completed build Silent Resident Build

Pros: silent even when under load, USB monitoring, fully modular

Cons: price

Cyberchaos 7 points 33 months ago
from completed build Oculus Rift build - "Rift Rig"

So far, the fan has never run since I don't push the system. Maybe they could consider a fanless model in the future?

OaKLeYz 20 points 29 months ago

Man are the cables stiff which made for an interesting time getting the 24-pin CPU cable connected but when all is said and done I'm satisfied with how it performs. In hindsight the EVGA P2 Platinum PSUs might have been a better option but having the Link software (even though I also have it on my CPU cooler) is actually nice for measuring efficiency and load. It was doing Platinum rated efficiency at 300 watts which is awesome!

xCarter 8 points 29 months ago

Corsair 650W 80+ Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply - I think the addition of 0 rpm fans when not under massive load is a great addition. Even while stress testing and GPU benchmarking it hardly spins. Adds to the relatively quiet profile of this build.

0110110101100101 3 points 27 months ago
from completed build first gaming build.

modular cables had lots of unnecessary plugs for me, but other than the extra bulk, it was easy to install, decently small and quiet, and had nice modular options.

element94 25 points 27 months ago
from completed build Titan X Workstation

Excellent PSU with fantastic voltage regulation, efficiency, and ease of use.

minifrank24 17 points 25 months ago
from completed build Redline Race Cube

Very good PSU. Can set fan speed manually with Corsair Link.

Paals 3 points 25 months ago

Very quiet PSU and the fan rarely turns on. Good quality components so it should last. Only downside it the price, which is too steep considering the competition from EVGA currently.

zbittner 2 points 24 months ago

I am one of those people who LOVE pointless headroom, especially in power supplies. I had a hard time giving up the 750 W PSU for this $50 cheaper 650 W, even though I truly don't use more than 500~550 W even on load, but for the modularity and 80+ gold efficiency, and the zero-rpm at low load (under 80%) with the dual-rail option and Corsair link functionality make the RMi series of PSUs very high quality for a very reasonable price. Comes with many extra cables, a black cable ouch and a velvet black sack, and corsairs excellent guarantee warranty, it's hard to argue for a 750+ W PSU now.

Skraydd 35 points 23 months ago
from completed build Skraydd's workstation

Just a PSU. Modular. No noise. And that's all.