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ADATA - XPG SX8200 480 GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive

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XPG SX8200 480

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480 GB


M.2 (M)

Form Factor


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Logista 32 points 7 months ago
from completed build NZXT H500 Build

Crazy fast ssd, REALLY good price!! Speeds are much more better than a regular ssd, for not alot more. If you can catch this one on sale it is such a steal.

suessz 1 point 7 months ago
from completed build Suess'z New PC - Home PC

Good speed and got this for 100$ (shipping took a while but I wasn't in a rush). Waiting to hear about possibly firmware but overall performance is well above my older SSD's. Installed win10 very quickly. Boot up is under 7 seconds. I will have to time it again. Happy to say I never used sleep mode before but I am now a fan as wake up time is quick.

GoodTrips 9 points 6 months ago

Good value and comes with a heatsink cover! I have a 256 Samsung 970 Evo M.2 in my laptop, the performance of this SSD is amazing and on par with Samsung. Priced $30 less($136 vs $168) than Samsung's 500GB option, this was a great deal.

Dr-Node-304 5 points 5 months ago

Great value NVMe SSD with lightning fast performance!

Windows 10 boots up from a cold start in around 5 seconds and gettings read/write speeds of around 2700/1600MB/s and during daily use, it has never throttled or reach over 50c.

griemond 8 points 5 months ago
from completed build Ryzen Silver Mini-Monster

This is a cheap 480GB NVME drive. Works well and has extra heatsink. I need more time to test for durability. Boot times last only 5-8seconds. Transfer speeds are phenomenal. I just don't like the UI of the Adata SSD toolbox. they could borrow Samsung's Magician. My Samsung 840 EVO 120 gb seems faster with rapid mode.

ProbablyProdigy 14 points 3 months ago
from completed build Third Time's a Charm!

Pretty much on par with the Samsung 970 EVO at a much lower cost! Can't go wrong with that! Also includes a heat sink if your motherboard doesn't provide one.

camz100 3 points 3 months ago
from completed build Quiet Beast

Very fast. Compare read and write bench tests for these drives vs other brands, and then notice the prices.

10secdream 13 points 2 months ago
from completed build Modest Bang for Buck Build

Blazing fast, Exceptional value

rosesmcgee 5 points 2 months ago
from completed build Constance - Ryzen rebuild

Picked this up as an inexpensive yet highly rated NVMe drive. Fast and plenty of space for OS and core applications. Highly recommend so far.

rastatrevftw 1 point 2 months ago

Super fast load times, and reads and writes data stupid fast. I wouldn't go any other way with the budget and needs I had.