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Wireless Network Adapter

Asus - PCE-AC68 PCI-Express x1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Adapter

( 4.7 Average / 66 Ratings )




Part #

(or) 90IG00R0-BM0G00


PCI-Express x1




64-bit WEP, 128-bit WEP, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK


3 x R SMA Antenna


Data Rate: AC1750 ultimate AC performance; 450+1300Mbps
802.11a/b/g/n/ac: downlink up to 1300Mbps, uplink up to 1300Mbps (20/40/80MHz)
Management: Wireless configuration
connection management
connection profile setup
5th generation 802.11ac chipset gives you dual-band, 2.4GHz/5GHz for up to super-fast 1.30Gbps
Flexible extended antenna placement helps you pinpoint the best reception in your environment
Instant Wi-Fi upgrade for your desktop: no more messy Ethernet cables needed
High-power design clears up dead zones with 150% greater coverage
Custom heatsink dissipates heat for more stable and reliable non-stop operation.

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Komplett €79.00 +€9.95 s/h €88.95
Custompc €101.78 In stock €101.78+

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Gottagame9000 21 points 49 months ago
from completed build The Phantom

Awesome card, did have to work a little to get the drivers going, but once they were on it was a one way trip to the super highway wifi xD.

Vampire_ming 40 points 47 months ago
from completed build Minimum

It claims to be fastest WIFI PCI-E adapter. I would admit that, but the noise coming from this is annoying( Yes, it have noise as well as stylish passive cooling plate).

dasangrypanda 32 points 46 months ago
from completed build Puff The Magic Dragon

Great adapter! I'm finally getting the speed I should be from my internet. Since swapping from my laptop to this, I've has lower ping, higher speeds, and no network hiccups so to speak. Installed like a breeze, just popped in the driver disc and I had wireless in 30 seconds.

xSpencer_The_Kidx 1 point 44 months ago
from completed build The Red Viper - My First Build

Best wireless experience I've had. My router is upstairs in the living room. My room is in the basement. So even when ranging from 3 - 2 bars of signal. I still get great connectivity and speed. Definitely worth the hefty price tag.

jon.flynn 40 points 42 months ago

Do not have Ethernet run to my PC location, so wireless is my only option to avoid ugly cables of banging up the walls! This wifi card is FAST! Very very fast, i get full upload / download specs on my broadband (85/85) continuously using speedtest, real world usage is great - no lag of dropping connection

nino_zh 21 points 41 months ago
from completed build Tri-Fire 290X Gaming / Work PC

supports 802.11ac - great

Trent2166 32 points 40 months ago
from completed build New year, New Build!

Best wireless adapter I have ever owned. A little bit pricey but you get what you pay for. I personally think this is the best option if you want fast internet and can't get a wired connection.

sky__walker 35 points 39 months ago

Got it 2 days ago and delighted with its performance.

kran0z 22 points 38 months ago
from completed build The Green Monster

Very fast Wifi.

raichinito 6 points 35 months ago
from completed build Ironman Project

WIRELESS NETWORK ADAPTER - Asus PCE -AC68 802.11a/b/g/n/ac PCI Express x1 - It's really fast and i like the looked of it. It's magnetic too so it works with my case. I have an option to attach it to the case or put an extension that i can place in the right side panel of my case.