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Power Supply

EVGA - SuperNOVA G2 1300 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

( 4.9 Average / 35 Ratings )





SuperNOVA 1300

Part #





1300 W



Efficiency Certification

80+ Gold


90% Typ.


+3.3V@24A, +5V@24A, +12V@108.3A, +5VSB@3A, -12V@0.5A

PCI-Express 6+2-Pin Connectors


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bohemond1980 52 points 49 months ago
from completed build 5930K Build

Superb PSU for a decent price, handles everything I've thrown at it.

zetanker 34 points 49 months ago
from completed build Contrast - New Build 2015

Great power supply. It handles most everything. The only thing is that it can't handle overclocking of the new I7 processors... I wasn't aware of this. I have had to turn off every little option in the bios to make sure my processor doesn't auto overclock... if it does then computer locks up and i have to restart it. I'm not entirely sure what it is. I think the processor when it overclocks pulls 25 amps where this can only output 24... but I'm just spit balling at this point. Overall great power supply.

DopeTech 2 points 45 months ago
from completed build Formular Champion

Beast of a PSU.

Wattage stayed consistently at peak levels and never dropped below 1200watts.

Cable sleeving was ok.

nino_zh 21 points 41 months ago
from completed build Tri-Fire 290X Gaming / Work PC

The PSU is great and most important - it can feed the power hungry 295X2 properly with enough power via the 12V Rails. The only fact that really bugged me - it's quite noisy. After i finished my build, there was still a noisy sound inside the case. Investigating this matter showed it was the PSU. I bought a Noctua 140mm fan and installed it into the PSU. At first it wouldn't work (no spinning at all) when the fan was connected like the old one, afterwards i drilled a hole in the PSU case and used a molex cable to power it. Now its perfectly silent.

monkieman6 9 points 40 months ago
from completed build The Resurrected

Little overkill for my build but works like a charm and gives a lot of overhead for upgrades, potentially 2-4 way cross fire in the future.

NeonThought 12 points 35 months ago
from completed build Vaporeon: Re-rebuild

Easy install. Very quiet. Plenty of power for SLI configurations. Just be sure to account for the extended case of this one.

SlowMN 18 points 33 months ago
from completed build Cube Build Updated

When I purchased this PSU, I was running 2x 980 Ti's in SLI and wanted a lot of head room in case I added additional cards or equipment. I was able to get this on sale for approximately $140. It is fully modular and has a great warranty. EVGA products are always outstanding.

C0RSA1R 48 points 31 months ago
from completed build The Chaos Engine (1st Build)

Overkill for my needs. Fully modular. Can handle any normal builds without issue. EVGA support is 2nd to none.

At fault of my own, I would've been severely lacking in cables if I hadn't previously purchased an EVGA 750w PSU before this one.

yogisaint 16 points 31 months ago

Needed to upgrade to this to run 3 GPUs. Quality construction and packaging. Love the modular cabling, and they are easier to shape than the Corsair cables I had before.

RoccoAK 18 points 30 months ago

TOTAL overkill for this build but I couldn't pass up the deal I got on Craigslist. Bought this and the Logitech G710+ for $140. Also, because this PSU is longer than usual, it was kind of tough installing into this Phanteks case.