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Best Full Tower Case Under $100

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Ian_H. 53 months ago

I've been looking for the past few days, but I can't seem to find a good one. I want good cable management and cooling. Is that even possible for 100 dollars?

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ACVoong 2 Builds 3 points 53 months ago

I can only think the Phanteks Enthoo Pro. Very watercooling friendly, excellent cable management, has a PSU bracket and the whole case can be modded.

HardwareCanucks review

Ian_H. submitter 1 point 53 months ago

Yeah that was the one I was looking at too. Thanks a lot. Out of curiosity, do you know any good mid tower cases that are also in this price range?

jacobs4525 1 Build 1 point 53 months ago

The corsair 550D is pretty good for around the same, and the NZXT Phantom and Source cases are good as well.

jacobs4525 1 Build 2 points 53 months ago

Phanteks Enthoo Pro hands down.

Lwig 1 Build 1 point 53 months ago

I got my cool master Stryker fer $110 wit tax/shipping

Ian_H. submitter 1 point 53 months ago

There is actually an excellent sale for the Cooler Master Trooper going on right now. 119.99. Definitely going with this one.

megamastergamer 1 point 53 months ago

Go for the Phanteks Enthoo Pro. It is the best.