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Absolute Best GPU for $200-$270

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Ian_H. 54 months ago

I'm having a hard time trying to find a good GPU for my first build, so I thought I'd ask you guys. What card has the absolute best performance in my approximate price range? I'd prefer an AMD, but if you guys think there is a better option, then I'll most certainly go for that one. Thanks in advance! Oh, and here is the card I am looking at at the moment: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/powercolor-video-card-axr92904gbd5ppdhe

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Nathananderson839037 1 Build 1 point 54 months ago

That 290 is going to be the best your can get in your budget, and will max out most games.

Ian_H. submitter 1 point 54 months ago

I thought so. Thanks.