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1x16GB @ 2133 or 2x8 at 2666 DDR4

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T_Payne 14 months ago

So, I have a local computer store that has 1x16GB sticks of Ripjaws V 2133MHz for $150, and I was wondering if that’s a good deal. I was looking to go dual-channel with a 2x8 2666 kit from Corsair... but that is $50 more. Can the Ripjaws V be overclocked to 2666MHz? And is there much performance loss going single channel vs dual channel?

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Xxplosive 3 Builds 2 points 14 months ago


There is a good performance jump going to dual channel. This video shows higher FPS and better GPU utilization. The results are different from game to game, but I would say the difference is big enough to care. The only time I would consider getting a single stick is if the budget is low and all you can get is a two RAM slot motherboard and a single 8GB leaves one free for an upgrade to 16GB dual channel later. I wouldn't settle for single channel on a mobo with four or eight slots unless the savings really matters. The performance difference matters more if you want a 144Hz+ monitor.

I can't say how far the RAM can be manually overclocked to. Everybody will have a different experience with that. I just get a kit that is advertised to get the speed I want and use XMP. I don't play with timings and voltage etc and risk having problems. I would get a 3200MHz 2x8GB kit if your motherboard supports it. That is the sweet spot. If not then at least the 2666 or maybe a 3000 kit. Check your motherboard specifications for memory speed support.

T_Payne submitter 1 Build 1 point 14 months ago

I don't have a 144Hz monitor... and for gaming... I mostly play RPG/Stategy games like Dota2, Civ, and Witcher series. Not really into FPS.

Budget is very low (<1k). As you can see by the build list above, I'm restricted by the mobo. I have peripherals to use for the next couple months, until I can but more adequate stuff for gaming. $150 for 16GB seems legit, as a "good" 2x8 kit is closer to $200. I also thought that getting a 1x16 @ 2133 might open me up to buying another when the price drops, and run dual-channel at 2133 with 32GB.

The mobo supports 3200, but the Ryzen is (supposedly) finicky with achieving those speeds. So, I though getting 2133MHz, and OC'ing to 2600 might be possible.

xbiker12 1 point 14 months ago

the performance difference will depend on what CPU you're using these for and if you're using the integrated graphics. (if it has an iGPU)

Also, do you know what the timings were for those sets of RAM?

T_Payne submitter 1 Build 1 point 14 months ago

I'm doing an ASRock Pro4/Ryzen 1400 build (budget and all...I'm a student).

I don't feel the CPU will bottleneck either, but I could be wrong. Here's my current build list (as you can see the HDD/M.2/Mobo are already purchased):


I need to call them about timings... I didn't see on the package. I imagine it's 16-16-16-38 or similar. Maybe 17s for CAS... I'll check with them and repost.

Thanks for the reply.