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Star Wars Battlefront II Panel from Star Wars Celebration 2017

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johngerges582 24 months ago


Most of us have already seen the teaser, but here's the official trailer

Stolen from a comment:

All you need to know Classes confirmed 27:40 CIS confirmed 27:40 Clones confirmed 31:29 Pre-order bonuses confirmed (sadly) yet only cosmetics Space battles confirmed not space to ground. 33:09 all era space battles 34:37 to 34:41 Different types of ships and hero ships 34:54 to 35:07

All this Star Wars stuff that's been released has given me a reason to live. Post any other Star Wars related stuff here I guess.

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SilverWolf149 3 points 24 months ago

I am so glad they're including a single player campaign this time. That was needed and was noticeably missing in the first one.

MBP662 2 points 24 months ago

It looks like DICE really took steps to improve their product and listened to the consumer. Everything that we have so far looks really promising and my favorite part .. no season pass!! I generally never pre-order anything,especially software but I think i am going to make an exception here because they really seem to be trying to do the right thing with this game.

manirelli staff 8 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

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gorkti200 3 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

I hope the microtransactions are limited to cosmetics and that upgrades are unlockable through play like they are in Battlefront (2015). Otherwise everything I am seeing is absolutely fantastic.

Javanode 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago


johngerges582 submitter 1 point 24 months ago

That's awesome. Was it cool?

Javanode 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

It was great to be in the crowd and watch it. The audience flipped over when they saw Darth Maul and Ren. And they showed us a secret clip of the game revealing a character seen but not identified in the trailer.

ChristianMX 1 point 24 months ago

The first EA Battlefront was disappointing. I hope EA's Battlefront II doesn't let me down

johngerges582 submitter 1 point 24 months ago

It appears that most of the stuff missing in the 1st one will be in this one.

AustinHerzfeldt 7 Builds 1 point 23 months ago

Last time around, people were saying "oh we don't want this to be like battlefield at all!" that tripped me up a bit, as in my eyes, a battlefield game with a sweet starwars skin and all the accompanying sound effects sounds amazing. All the vehicles for each respectice team sitting in the hangars, a deep enough class and unlock system that isn't too complex but still remains intersting even after a long period of time. That sounds amazing, at least to me.