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Black Desert Online

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SpicyWater808 31 months ago

Hi I just recently heard about this game called Black desert online and I was wondering if it's any good? What do you do, is it fun, how is the textures and graphics? And just in general is the game good?

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Ksongs 2 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

What do you do, is it fun

Super subjective, but ill say that it can be considered EXTREMELY grindy. level 40 mark I began to really feel the grind. Also a lot of the game relies on RNG and I mean RNG thats totally not on your side. I hope you have a good realtionship with RNJeusus. Also it has a pretty steep learning curve mainly in mechanics that doesn't include combat. Took me a while to figure out how nodes and resource collection worked. Its more of a sandbox mmo than a themepark one. meaning there's not really any direction. You spawn in the world and while yes there is a "main quest" you pretty much just go do what ever you want if that means go fishing or start breeding horses go for it. Don't like fighting stuff? Cool because everything you do levels you up whether its farming, fishing, cooking or actually killing stuff. Combat is fluid and fun. There isn't an mmo that I've played that has as fun as a combat system as BDO. Oh also don't know if your into it, but the game has a pretty great player housing system. Thats about everything that stand out to me that I can think of.

how is the textures and graphics?

Look up some videos I personally think its one of the best looking games out.

SpicyWater808 submitter 1 point 31 months ago


SpicyWater808 submitter 1 point 31 months ago

Also, how does the multiplayer system work? How often do you see people, and what do you do with them, and how many servers are there?

Ksongs 2 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

There are 3 servers and each server has several instances which you can switch between freely. The games pretty populated. So you see them everywhere. Guilds are where your gonna get the most interaction with people as you can do guild quest such as trade routes, collecting resources, as well as guild wars which pretty much battle for control of resource nodes. You do also often see people form groups to farm for XP and of course world bosses which are extremely tough. Aside from world bosses the game is pretty solo friendly if you don't like other people. Now here's the part that makes people shy away from the game. Once you hit level 45 open world pvp is turned on and you can get attacked anywhere outside of cities and no you can't turn it off last I checked.

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Banshebot 1 point 30 months ago

Awfully boring. Looks good though.

I lasted about 20 hours until I realised the grind never stops.

jonathann3891 0 points 30 months ago

I bought this game a month or so ago and probably put in 4 hours in before realizing the game is garbage.