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Blog Post "PCPartPicker Mobile Site Now Available"


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Comments (Continued)

Seghasivk 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

Maybe an offline app with the parts database built in. I know I would personally love that.

stnz 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

Why offline ? Updating the database would be more trouble and the price checker wouldn't work as good since it wouldn't be updated as often. Just my 2 cents

Seghasivk 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

Yeah but it could use the Internet when available. Some people travel alot and can't use Internet as often (roaming, data loss, etc), being able to put together a part list for a friend would be really nice.

starmann 1 point 56 months ago

Even if it requires a 2.00$ a month for the "full" version.