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New Part Categories: Case Fans, Thermal Paste, Speakers, And Wired/Wireless Network Interfaces

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philip March 4, 2013

Just a quick update - several new part categories have been added recently:

Comments Sorted by:

Skankintoopiv 4 points 73 months ago

Can we get an onboard wifi check box for mobos?

VoodooMonkiez 3 points 73 months ago

Id like to start seeing Capture cards listed in their aswell. Like for instance im using the Avermedia c985 to capture video game footage off my xbox and its amazing, Id love to show it off in my build!

Malenskii 2 Builds 3 points 73 months ago

Would there be any chance of adding custom water cooling parts to PCPartPicker? It would be very nice, I this site for all my builds, and it would be awesome to incorporate water cooling into it, so I could get the best prices without that much work!

a1sealc4 1 Build 2 points 73 months ago

I got excited when I saw wireless networking because I thought there would be a listing of wireless routers. I don't know how much it falls into computers but i'd be a neat feature. These new categories are great though thank you!

nyxee 2 points 73 months ago

will you also add laptop parts??

for example hard disk caddys used to replace laptop CD Roms with hard drives..

then also the Express Cards used for laptops..


llbueltmann 2 points 73 months ago

I know not too many people will actually need it, but I think it would be cool to have a 5.25" Fan Controller category, or really any 5.25" parts that aren't optical drives. It would help a little with the higher end builds, or if you just want to see what's out there.

Black5Lion 1 point 73 months ago

sort of of topic-ish thing but if i get a sugo 5 will i be able to stuff a 2.5 hdd in place of it's slim odd without needing a odd to hdd caddy + a slimline sata adapter?

HCkev 3 Builds 1 point 73 months ago

Nice new features, definitely useful.

Would be nice to add support RAID cards in expansion cards, as they are quite expensive, so anyone would like to see the best price easily :)

Also, is there any reason for Best Direct to not be in the retailers list(on the Canadian website)? I bought several components from this website and it's a great one, lots of great deals and free shipping with orders over $80.

llbueltmann 1 point 71 months ago

Honestly, this site is great. I love the versatility of it. But, one thing I think could make a fantastic addition. I know that there are entire sites dedicated to the watercooling market, but I think, since this site is the go-to part aggregation site, you should add custom watercooling parts (pump, hosing, blocks) to the database. I know that there is a function to add custom parts, but I think it would make finding the perfect part way easier.

[comment deleted]
[comment deleted]