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Intel Xeon E3 Series CPU Support Added (With Compatibility Guidance)

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philip Jan. 14, 2013

Intel Xeon E3 CPUs are now available to choose for your builds. Figuring out which desktop motherboards are compatible with different Xeon E3 CPUs can be hit-or-miss (not to mention time consuming), so I've also included full compatibility checking to assist with this.

Additional server-class components are also on the way. Stay tuned for Intel Xeon E5 and AMD Opteron CPUs, server motherboards, ECC RAM, and more!

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Oliver 5 Builds 4 points 76 months ago

Thanks! Just what I needed!

TheLastBoss78 1 Build 2 points 76 months ago

Oh nice. I may have a need for this sometime this year, since I support a small business that will soon be upgrading to a server environment. And homemade is always best!

SN4T14 1 point 74 months ago

For servers which'll have any sort of valuable information at all, you always want to go with pre-built, since they'll have to pay up if they **** up, not you.

dgould 1 point 76 months ago

Wow. Simply wow.

Zaltera 1 point 76 months ago

An incredible way to kick off 2013. Many thanks.

neighborhoodtech 1 point 76 months ago

Incredibly useful

hmzhl6 1 Build 1 point 76 months ago

Excellent work! Thank you!

EgaoNoGenki 1 point 76 months ago

Thank you for another update.

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Javanode 1 Build 1 point 76 months ago

please add these mouses! Cobra E-3lue, Cobra E-3lue Junior, eBlue Cobra II, E-3lue Mazer, and two Cobra keyboards. They're on Amazon! thnx

pOwER_dURP 1 point 76 months ago


Anyways i like to post my 2 cents, as of now i really dislike intels route of shoving its iGPU **** into every CPU out there. Like there is no way a 77W or how many ##W CPU is going to overtake a 200W+ dedicated vidoe card EVER.

and if i where to buy one of these iGPU CPU and get a vid card, the vid card pretty much renders a large real estate on the CPU useless that could of been used for SOMETHING else like i dunno more cores bigger cache, more transistors...but NOPE

Another thing is why dont you get one of those SB-E cpu....lol just no they cost way to dam much.

Sure i somewhat understand why they did it but putting it into every line doesnt make sense somewhat, things are getting slimmer and slimmer and room is a limited commodity with how the industry is going...handheld devices

But then i started to dig a little more...and found that the Xeon could be my alternative. Same speed as a i7 but has prices of a i5...but only drawback is the xeons are locked.

Anyways THANKS

jfree232 1 point 76 months ago

they have the gpu on there for people who use laptops without dedicated cards or for people who dont need the graphics card

SN4T14 1 point 74 months ago

For laptops they don't even have the same CPUs, and for people who don't need dedicated graphics, it'll probably save them money too, buy the same exact processor, with no iGPU, and a cheap graphics card, saves money, and gives you better performance. Alternatively, they could just have CPUs with and without iGPUs.

jfree232 1 point 76 months ago

How about an incomplete build section?

philip staff submitter 10 Builds 1 point 76 months ago

Very, very soon. :)

jfree232 1 point 76 months ago

Thanks so much!

TestBuilds 1 point 76 months ago

Finally, some ECC RAM!

[comment deleted]