Red/black themed gaming PC my roommate and I built. Neither of us had ever done anything like this before, but it was pretty easy thanks to the motherboard and case being so easy to work with. Cable management was a breeze. I'm immensely happy with every single piece of equipment we used, and though by no means a "budget build", when split between the 2 of us it was quite affordable. So far, the gems are definitely the SSD and the GPU. We hooked it up to a 4K "smart" TV monitor at 30-60 Hz, and once we got the ratios worked out the GTX 1070 dominates in 1080p. At 4K and 1440p the ratios make things look super weird. The PNY CS1311 boots OS in <5 seconds. Most of the games are on the HDD, but I stored the Witcher 3 on the SSD to cut loading times. I have yet to hear the Barracuda 7200RPM even while in seek mode, and it currently holds the remainder of our steam library. The water cooler keeps the i5-7600K at 45 degrees running games at ultra settings and is also dead silent. If the tower weren't in the corner of our living room I don't think I would ever hear it; the ceiling fan is louder. The motherboard BIOS was very easy to set up, and it looks like it will be a breeze to OC. So far, I'm enjoying just looking at it while it runs Witcher 3 on Ultra settings at 1080p. I'll post back with the results of OC tests and pictures.

Edit 1: swapped Corsair SP120 RGB fans for the AF120 fans to get more red lighting

Edit 2: added a Samsung 860 Evo 1 TB for some extra SSD space

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Update: 2 years later and this thing is still going strong. Replaced thermal paste once and the temps on i5 have been the same, and stays mis-50s range even under 99-100% load. Cannot recommend this product highly enough.

The i5 Kaby has yet to crack 50 C. Can barely hear the fans. Best cooler for the price, hands down.


Amazing mobo. Everything is in an intuitive position, there are plenty of USB ports and 8 friggin SATA ports. The LEDs look cool, aren't too flamboyant, and were helpful when treating the various symptoms of user error (of which there were many). Honestly could not have done better for the price, and we can SLI our 1070 in the future if we so choose.


It's RAM; cheap but it works. Took a little finagling to get the sticks to make good contact the first time, but no problems so far. Currently clocks at 2133, haven't tried to OC yet.


Solid SSD. Got it for less than a Samsung 850 Evo and it fits perfectly with my build aesthetic. 480 GB is plenty for a few high-demand games (e.g. Skyrim and Witcher 3), including all the drivers plus OS. Sweet JP boots up in <5 seconds with this thing, and the Witcher 3 load times are basically non-existent compared to the XBone.


2TB of space, quiet even while in seek mode. Perfect for holding the remainder of our steam library.

Video Card

Holy s***. This thing would eat my XBone's GPU if it got the chance. Runs the Witcher 3 maxxed out at Ultra without breaking a sweat. Totally worth splurging if you have the extra cash. And I'll be able to SLI in the future. Can't wait to see what it can really do after OC.


Great for the price. Solid steel and a nice viewing window, good airflow with 4 120/140 fan slots, and fantastic for cable management. Keeps everything looking clean and sexy.

Power Supply

Easy to work with, efficient AC to DC power conversion. The cables that come with it are good quality and easy to manage. Plenty of output for SLI and any other upgrades I could want. Right now using around 370 Watts.

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  • 35 months ago
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Unless negative pressure was the plan, I'd flip your 2 rad fans to intake air from the front. The filter is there for a reason.

  • 35 months ago
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Good looks, didn't even realize how they were oriented. I actually thought they were flipped the other direction. Cheers.

  • 35 months ago
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omg this is so nice I'm going to upgrade mine to be similar to this

+1 very nice

  • 33 months ago
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Do u have a reservoir?