First PC Build went extremely smoothly. After watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to build a PC in 2019 from the ground up, it was pretty straight forward. PC Part Picker has been probably one of the best tools to help me select the right compatible components. Great tool!

I went with a pretty high end configuration that should last me a little while without upgrades.

Overall pretty pleased. Only hiccup I ran into was installing Windows 10 Pro. The BIOS on the Asus motherboard required an update prior to installing the latest version of Windows.

I did not go for all the craze of the RGB colors that many on here are doing simply because I think it looks a bit tacky. I didn’t need my fans or ram to be RGB, which saved a little bit of money. Motherboard, cooler and case lights provide enough lighting. Also the build theme is very dark, in going with a matte black theme that looks sleek and modern.

The NZXT case is pretty awesome. It makes the build aesthetically pleasing with great cable management, lighting, and overall clean design.

Overall this was extremely fun to put together, the first real PC I put together since grade 10 back in 2002.

Anyone looking to build their own, I highly recommend checking out a few you tubers - just do a search for 2019 PC build and a few good ones will come up. LinusTechTips, BitWit, Paul’s Hardware, Austin Evans and JayzTwoCents are a few to name.

Part Reviews


Do not love the RGB light output on this motherboard. Hardly visible and the white color looks more blue than anything. Otherwise it’s a decent motherboard. Stays cool and good for my mild overclocking needs.


Very happy with this SATA SSD thus far.

Video Card

Beast of a GPU Asus RGB colors are disappointing. White color looks blueish.


Love this case for the price. Going to upgrade to the H510 Elite but this is a better price option.

Operating System

Meh. It’s windows.


Great keyboard. Love the arm rest.


Great mouse, but expensive. Could make it less plasticy.


Love these speakers. Had them since 2012.

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  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Build looks great! Nothing wrong with the lack of RGB. The aesthetics part of the build is so personal. Some people like super colorful. Others prefer it to be minimal.

Any plans to overclock your system?

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you! Yes, that’s what I really enjoyed researching everyone’s different builds to see all the creative ideas. Not knocking the RGB but minimalistic is my preference.

I’m thinking of OC the 9700K to 5 GHz and seeing what kind of temps I’ll be staying on while gaming. I do enjoy seeing the low temps and the system is really overkill for playing CS:GO. I easily get 380-420 FPS on most maps. Even then I cap the FPS to 165 as that’s my monitors max refresh rate.

I won’t even bother OC the GPU at this point. Really happy with the build and amazed how simple it was.

I am eyeing NZXT’s new case the H510i which does has the fan lighting on the front and back. Would look sweet too!

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Your graphics card also has RGB

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

Yes it does! I ended up turning it off.

I wish there was a way to turn off those two led lights on the 8 pin connector slots. I was reading up that you can’t turn them off and they are there to indicate power is being delivered. Kind of pointless. I guess I could always put some electrical tape to cover it.

If anyone knows how to disable them in bios let me know. Thanks!