Parts fit together nicely. After installing appropriate drivers and such, was able to get near 4k performance scores from 3DMark with just minimal overclocking.


  • Had to leave out the 3.5 drive entirely due to the two 120mm Noctua fans on the bottom.
  • Squeezed the 2.5 drive in under the power supply mounted with zip ties because I wanted to mount the optical drive in the front bay
  • Removed the shroud and fans from the EVGA GTX 950 Ti and have two Noctua NF-S12A fans connected to the GPU and blowing directly on the heatsink.
  • Had to return the first H100i due to gurgling. Corsair was friendly and efficient with sending a replacement.
  • Originally built with generic fans, but the case temperature was a bit high and they were noisy so I opted to get a set of Noctua fans instead. All fans are configured for intake, so the case exhausts out the top. The S12A pair is blowing on the video card's heat sink. The F12 pair are blowing through the CPU cooler's radiator. That leaves the A9x14 in the back to pull cool air in for the rest of the case and help build pressure to push the exhaust out the top.
  • I have a set of the NCASE custom filters to manage dust buildup.

Some 3DMark test results:

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

First one I purchased had some issues with gurgling. Corsair was great about the RMA and replacement. The cooler isn't silent, but it is reasonably desktop quiet and very effective at cooling. I tried using the Corsair management software at first, but eventually switched to using the Asus controllers instead. Main issues were with having additional software running, occasional glitches and crashes, and conflicts with the Asus fan controller.


This is an awesome Mini ITX board. Very flexible and reasonably documented BIOS.


This M.2 SSD is blazingly fast for OS boot.

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  • 53 months ago
  • 2 points

hey man awesome build! I love that case so much.... I was wondering how your experience with the Silverstone 600W PSU has been? Ive heard that it can be kinda loud and that it sometimes has some sort of whining noise?

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

Mine has been just great. No instability when reasonably overclocked, and so far the PSU is very quiet. At idle, the only detectable noise is from the water cooler pump, and it isn't bad enough to be a distraction.

Of course, I don't know if I am in the majority or if it is the others you saw complaining. :)