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Suess'z New PC - Home PC

by suessz



Date Published

Aug. 7, 2018

Date Built

Aug. 8, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.4 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

38.5° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

61.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

900 MHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

1.2 GHz


New Desktop - upgrading from Phenom x4 Original budget was $1000, total is closer to 850 with a few rebates making it fall at price listed with taxes.

Notes: I may migrate my plex server (still undecided) to this machine.

General Desktop usage. Light gaming from time to time.

Build - Stage1: Fitted Motherboard (prewired Case fans) minor cable management so far. More parts are arriving today.

Pictures to follow.. I will update more when build is completed.

Quick Benchmarks (Passmark) | Rating: 4982 | CPU: 13,861 | RAM: 1,931 * need to test more | DISK: 13,484 * need to check firmware and driver etc.. | GPU 3D: 4,728 - Old GPU to be expected |

Part Reviews


Love this processor so far and at the time got a good price. Scales up well and lots of head room for more use later. Great for budget builds and OC's well if needed though I don't plan on doing that for home use and light gaming.


So far so good! Feature rich board. BIOS is easy to work with and updates easily. Love the Aura setup for lighting. XMP profiles worked after turning on with no issues.


I splurged on this ram and it was worth it for overall compatibility for the ASUS Prime X470-PRO. Runs at speed advertised (haven't tried OC) and I am happy with the performance! Solid product so far and looks good.


Good speed and got this for 100$ (shipping took a while but I wasn't in a rush). Waiting to hear about possibly firmware but overall performance is well above my older SSD's. Installed win10 very quickly. Boot up is under 7 seconds. I will have to time it again. Happy to say I never used sleep mode before but I am now a fan as wake up time is quick.


Not much to say.. it is storage got it cheap to store media etc. Performs well with R/W.


Love this case. Lots of room for cable management! A little quirky learning how to disassemble at first with the psu shroud and planning the wire routes but simple enough. My board wouldn't allow the 140mm fan to be mounted directly over the cpu in the rear so it is offset a tad but made it work. I may add a 120mm on the top front for more exhaust "up" later. Not really an issue. Very clean.

Power Supply

Great PSU, plenty of power for future GPU! Modular so yeah! Very quiet and plenty of connections! I am and will consider these SeaSonics for future builds. Good value and price with warranty a well!

Case Fan

Absolutely love these fan! so quiet even at full speed with PWM. They ramp when needed and perform very well! HIGHLY recommend!


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