I'm using this build for lightroom and 4k video editing as well as some occasional gaming. I wanted a case that looks stylish and the Neo micro was it for me and with what i have put inside it works well and is keeping my parts cool, compared to the aerocool dead silence case that i was using before. I was a bit worried about the case's cooling abilities having read other peoples reviews of it, but i guess using a low powered graphics card is what is making the difference for me.

I'm using an old Corsair hx520 PSU that i have had since building my Q6600 rig many moons ago and am reusing my 750ti graphics card as it plays all the games i play currently well, plus it's also low powered.

I plan to add RGB lighting at some point but not choosen whether to buy fans or just get strip lighting.

Part Reviews


Great cpu, keeps cool enough with stock cooler when not overclocked


I was a bit hesitant to buy an ASrock motherboard having used them a long time ago, but it has been solid since setup, had zero issues so far and I find the bios easy enough to set up. I'm finding the polychrome sync software decent enought to and am glad this board has both 5v and 12v RGB connections.


Been using Corsair RAM for years and it's never failed me.


I'm very pleased with this case, it keeps my components nice and cool and looks fantastic. Cable managment is good, only thing i don't like it where the SSD drives are in the case.

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