I mainly use this for gaming, audio production and some video game content creation. My first assemble project haha.

One issue I had was the SATA power connectors that came with the Cooler Master PSU were too tight. The other was with the case. It didn't come with any side-panel fan screws and nobody has them locally.

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  • 93 months ago
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It makes me cringe when I see people use 16GB of RAM.

Also, I think that's the same case the Storm Troopers used.

And for 1400 you couldn't get the latest line of a GPU, whether it be 6XX or 7XXX?

  • 56 months ago
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Late reply, but how is more RAM ever a bad thing? In fact I found myself needing more RAM. I used RAMDisks heavily. I also do music production which loads up a ton of impulses for a lot of tracks simultaneously. Sorry if I was too 3dgy for you.

  • 93 months ago
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Eh, not a very good build. To be honest, you should've been able to fit a 680 in there.