So this is officially my first build. I was crazy excited to do this, and i couldn't wait to get started once all my parts came in. Made plenty of noob mistakes but thankfully nothing to terrible that I would need to replace anything.

CPU: This little guy is a workhorse. I really cant even think of one thing I could complain about. It is really great so far and to help future proof this build a little I got the 4690K so I can overclock when things start needing a faster CPU.

Cooler: A lot of people try to figure out how good a cooler is by comparing to one that everyone knows, but seeing how this is my first build I really have no idea how to compare it to other products. All I can say is this thing is quiet, small, and keeps everything cool.

Mother Board: The Z97 comes with so many usb ports i was pretty shocked. The last moba I had only had like 2 and they were both just 2.0. Great stylish MoBa.

Ram: Its ram, and a lot of it. Really wanted a lot because both my laptops have <8 Gbs and i was having problems every once and awhile trying to use less so I just got more.

SSD: This thing is the faster thing I might have ever owned. Like I was stunned when I booted up my pc after I got everything set and it took like 4 seconds to get to my desktop. Also I have already got the thing full with a bunch of games, and I havent looked at a loading screen in a week.

HDD: Pretty solid. Clearly slower than the SSD but it is pretty good for all the other files/games I dont care about.

GPU: Ordered my 970 before all the 980ti hype and the new AMD line but this thing was perfect for my price range. On 1080 it runs Witcher (Almost maxed out) at 60fps. Love the look of it also and it matches my Black/Red color scheme.

Case: The NXZT H440 is such a sexy case. I saw it in a micro center and changed my color scheme to match it. The 3 front fans keep everything cool. Saved me 50 bucks from getting new fans too.

PSU: I really love the Fully Modular PSUs. They make the building sooooo much easier.

OS: Loving 8.1, Everything just seems right and in the right place.

Wifi Adapter: I have been stuck in terrible hotel with ****** wifi so i havent been able to test out the range or speed of this thing yet. Nice and compact though.

Monitor: This is beautiful 1080 monitor. I love the sleek look it has. I have had a couple problems with the stand, but i have been to busy to sit down and fix the problem.

Headset: Great sounds, the treble seems a bit off for some dialog in movies/tv shows. Havent used it enough to nail down the problem. Main problem I have is my big ears dont make this comfortable for using during long gaming sessions. Probably get need ear muffs or something.

Part Reviews


Nice powerful CPU. Very much worth the price. The overclocking also makes it very future proof when it comes to the time that it gets too slow.

CPU Cooler

Quiet, small, and keeps everything cool. The thing everyone looks for in a good cooler.


Solid, sexy looking Mother Board. Comes with everything that one could possibly need for a computer.


Its RAM, nothing more to say except it was a good price when i got it.


Easily the best part I got for my build. Makes all loading on my computer(that has to do with SSDs) almost instantaneously. Such a great product.


Pretty standard HDD. Will get the job and has plenty of space for the normal user.

Video Card

Runs anything I throw at it (at 1080) at usually 60fps. Such a nice looking card too if you care about that when it comes to having a set design for you overall build.


Great looking case. Love the amount of fans it has in it. The only problem i have with it so far is the cable management ports and cords already in the case seem to be off a bit. Like they seem to be in the wrong places and clumped together randomly. Makes cable management a little bit of a hassle.

Power Supply

Love the fully modular PSUs. Only problem I have been having is it that it seems that the motherboard cord seems a bit fragile. Had to rearrange a couple cords so it would turn on with the case closed.

Operating System

Clean, fast OS. Really great if you get it cheaper also. Remember students can get a discount at or some colleges give it out for free.


Nice sleek looking screen. The borders on it were done nicely. The stand is a little hard to set up at first if you dont know what you are doing(aka me). Besides that the IPS makes it look incredibly clean.


Sounds great. People with big ears be wary though, because the ear "muffs" put a lot of pressure on certain parts of the ear if they dont fit correctly. Would recommend getting ones that fit better.


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pls moar pictcha.

H7 users are few and far between. I don't know why people don't use it. It's so sexy.

+1 from me, but seriously, people on this site would kill you for not uploading internals.

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Will do. I just left for work so I will have to do it tonight. And yes, I love the H7. It is just perfect all the way around when it comes to a cooler. I will recommend it to whoever will ask.

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Wow man the temps under load look pretty good! Thanks for finalizing my choice for the H440 and the H7!

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Well they have increased a bit lately because I moved into a house with worse air conditioning and I have been making it run harder games, It kinda settles around 50 now +/- 3. But that's usually the highest it will get at, but I absolutely adore the case and the cpu fan. Both sets of fans work beyond what I expected of them and they are incredibly quiet.

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Why is it called the Hotel Build?

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Because I was stuck in a hotel during the summer when I was building this desktop.

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Was it a nice hotel? :L

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Yes, that is exactly what it means. Which made it that more challenging. Haha.