I was using the Dell monitor for a while with my old rig (i5-2500k / 2x Radeon 6850hd) and wasn't getting the performances I wanted AND I wasn't even able to run my 144hz monitor. I decided it was time for a rig !

I mainly game DotA 2 and PoE but I still play other games sometimes and I use this machine for anything that requires a computer. My goal was a silent computer, wasn't looking for looks, turns out everything is red by coincidence.

The build : I had chosen i5-8400 at first, but since I keep my builds for a long time and I was already getting a z370 motherboard, I figured I'd just go with the 8600k. It it currently OC'd to 4.4 ghz on all cores + 100 mhz (BLCK). Temps after 2 hours of DotA : idle : 33 C, max: 66 C

MSI Gaming X 1080ti is a solid mobo, quiet and cool. Temps : idle : 40 C, max : 68 C

Ram is actually RBG model but I could find it in the list. It runs at 3466 CAS 16 very smoothly. Didn't have to tweak anything beside turning the setting on.

Motherboard is also very solid, I like it, although the MIR program isn't good and I don't think I'll see my 40$. Almost went for the Taichi, but sticked with this one.

I bought and installed optional fans. I have 2 intake fans in front, one intake at the bottom, one CPU fan and one exhaust fan. The air flows from front to back. PSU has it's own air flow (intake bottom/exhaust back).

Build cost was under 2500$ (I already had the monitor) and it is very very quiet. I bought pieces over the course of a month, I got a discounts here and there.

I'll keep monitoring the temps and see if I need to change anything in my setup according to that.


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