I've recently got back into PC gaming after a few year hiatus and realized my laptop with a gtx 660 wasn't holding up as well as I wanted it to. Since I was out of college, I no longer needed a laptop so it was finally time to build my first pc! I originally wanted to part it out and buy each part on sale, but I became impatient when I put the full PCPartPicker list together with my friend and just bought it. This build has gone through a few additions and returns/changes and lots of cable management reiterations since it's initial purchase in October 2018. As of now I'm running Apex Legends at 1440p on medium settings and getting 80-120 fps and play Overwatch at 144 fps on ultra settings, so I'm very happy with the performance I'm getting. I haven't tried to overclock much, but I plan on doing so in the future.

Originally, I bought the PC and built it. At that time I had Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 2400mhz, the stock cpu cooler and a Asus ROG Strix 1070ti in the build. From this point, I only had a 60hz monitor, so I needed to upgrade so I could get the full potential from my PC. The monitor I bought was the HP Omen 27 1440p 165hz and it worked like a dream. I started to read more about AMD processors and how they like high frequency ram, so I decided to return the LPX set through amazon and buy a Vengeance RGB 3000 mhz set for the same price on sale. I knew I wanted to try overclocking eventually, so I needed a new CPU cooler to be able to handle it. I had my eye on some liquid coolers and the MasterLiquid went on sale and I immediately bought it. I decided I wanted a little more light and was experiencing some GPU sag, so I bought an LED strip and a GPU brace on amazon, which both worked great. Last, and something I did not expect at all was the upgrade to my GPU. I saw on craigslist an ad for a 1080ti Duke for $460 and decided that since "technically" the 1070ti was holding me a bit back to power my monitor at 1440p, I didn't want to pass up that deal. (I ended up flipping the 1070ti for $350 anyways so it worked out)

People keep giving me funko pops and I don't have much space for them so I figured it would add a bit of flair to the build since my case could fit it without much hindrance to air flow. I added a picture of the 1st iteration of the build with added led strips + dog tax to the end of the album.

Part Reviews


Great price to perfomance, runs all 6 cores at 3.8GHz easily through turbo mode in the BIOS. I haven't tried overclocking it manually yet.

Edit: Got it overclocked to 4.1GHz at 1.425v, no issues.

CPU Cooler

Good cheap liquid cooler. Got it on sale through amazon and haven't had any difficulties with it. It keeps my CPU at 65C on load and 35 on idle. I didn't have any issues installing it like other reviewers did, I just watched a youtube video and it was fine. RGB works and looks great.


BIOS can be easily navigated, everything works well. The RGB is kind of lame because it only has 7 colors and the "breathing" effect is out of sync for all the different parts.


Beautiful RAM and easily runs at advertised speeds through the XMP profile. I took the metal grills off for personal aesthetic reasons.

Edit: Overclocked to 3200mhz at 16-18-18-36, tried 3400 with the same timings but apex legends would crash after a few minutes, 3200 is stable


Great drive, boots fast.


Good storage drive, no issues.

Video Card

Very powerful, stays around 70C under full load, huge card though. Definitely happy I have a GPU support brace. Runs Apex Legends at 1440p on high settings 80-120 fps and Overwatch at 144 fps on ultra settings.

Edit: Realized I had my settings on high and bumped them down to low except for a couple options for anti aliasing and texture and am getting 120-144fps for apex


RGB looks awesome, very easy to build in and very spacious. Only problem is that the air flow is a bit constricted for the front fans, but this is remedied if you take off the plastic front panel. Hard Drive enclosures look really nice and are located right in front of a fan. The dust filters and psu shroud are also nice additions. I do wish there was a slot for top mounted fans though.

Power Supply

PSU works well, only reason I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the cables looks different in the pictures. In the amazon pictures they are solid black wires with solid black plastic caps, but IRL they are red caps and the 24 pin has mulicolored wires.


Great monitor, colors are good for a TN panel. I've experienced no ghosting or artifacting and switching to a VESA mount is super simple.


Got this at a steal of a price. Had to wait a month for it to ship out but it was worth it. 4k movies and videos look AWESOME. I don't use it for gaming, but if I ever get a ps4 pro this will work perfectly. HDR is kinda meh, I only tried using it once and it was super bright, even at the lowest brightness option, I couldn't figure it out. This was my first IPS, so I'm really happy with the picture quality.


Got this 1.5 years ago as a refurb (brown switches), works amazing and the RGB software is very intuitive IMO.


I love this mouse so much. I was really looking for something with just the circular 7 button panel on the side as I believed I would really like that set up, but after using it a bit I found it too uncomfortable. I mainly use the two button panel for everyday use and FPS games. If I ever decide that I want to hate my life and play league of legends, I bust out the 7 button panel and if I feel like playing wow or FFXIV I'll bust the 12 button panel out. Being able to switch depending on what I'm doing at the time is really awesome.

That being said, I absolutely do not trust razer and their build quality, so I bought it at best buy and got the geek squad protection for it just in case. Totally worth it.


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Yeah, I upgraded the card after I had already bought the processor and was past the return date. Maybe I'll upgrade after zen2 is released. Realistically, I'm mainly using it to game so I don't need the extra 2 cores and with it overclocked as is, its only ~200mhz difference.