After my first build, I upgraded the processor and had this Ryzen 3 1200 laying around doing nothing. I was going to use it to build a gaming rig for my son but the prices have been coming down on the new 2nd gen chips and I'm gonna get him one of those instead.

Since I had this chip and I have always wanted to learn about Linux I decided to build a Linux machine.

It runs great, I even downloaded Steam and CS:GO. This is not meant to be a gaming machine though. Just something for me to play around on and learn Linux.

The distro I chose was LinuxMint Cinnamon. Supposed to be the easiest for Linux beginners and so far it has been very easy. I like the open source (free) software idea, but so far I still like windows better. Windows apps seem more polished to me. I don't know, maybe i'm biased or just still too new to Linux. I find that installing software can be a real pain. If you like tinkering with the terminal (command prompt for all you windows users) then you will love linux, If you are like me, and you just want to install a program and it just work, then linux may not be for you. This is not true for every program. I downloaded a guitar tablature editor and it works great. But there have been a few apps that I have tried to run that didn't work. The problem for me has been that the app was designed for a different distro, like ubuntu, and just needs a few changes in the terminal to run. This takes some research on forums for a noob like myself and I really don't want to be bothered. I'm sure for seasoned linux users this is second nature. Overall it's a slick OS and I'm gonna keep working with it.

Part Reviews


I really love this CPU. It ran great when it was in my gaming rig, and it's running great in this Linux build. I had it overclocked in my gaming rig to 3.7 GHz but i'm not overclocking it for this build. It just doesn't need it.


I gave it 4 stars because there is only a cpu fan header and one system fan header. The case I bought only came with one fan and I'm not overclocking so it won't be an issue for me, but if I was going to use this as a gaming rig I would want more fan headers.


I set xmp profile in bios and it clocked at 2933. Not quite 3000 so it gets 4 stars but I wont notice a difference with Linux.


Got this on sale at BestBuy. I wanted something faster than HDD but didnt want to spend the extra money on M.2.

So far it works fine. Linux boots really fast and apps start fast. No complaints.

Video Card

Recently added this to my build. Works fine.


I like this case. You can't get too fancy with it. I did not get a fully modular power supply but this case has room at the bottom for the extra cables so I'm satisfied. I like the plastic window on top (which can be moved to either side but I don't think it would look good). One thing to be careful of is the length of your video card. The specs say maximum 10 inches. Not a problem with this build but something to keep in mind.

Power Supply

Got this on sale from Newegg. It isn't fully modular and I was worried about that at first with the case I have, but cable management was fine.


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Overall, this is a great sub $500 build. The 1050Ti would be a great entry level gaming graphics card and I think your son would love it.

My advice if you are thinking about Ryzen 2, go with the motherboard that support Ryzen 2 and go with a Ryzen processor. The first gen Ryzen CPUs are more than capable for gaming and there is a definite upgrade path. All the b450 series and 470 series will support both Ryzen and Ryzen 2 CPU.

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Thanks. I appreciate the advice.

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nice build. I'm planning to make a mini ITX build with B450-I. Does it not allow to have more than 2 fans? since it's a compact build with 1070TI and 2600X, I wanna use all fan space in the case.

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Thanks! This case comes with a 200 mm fan but has room for two 80 mm fans in the rear. The motherboard only has two fan headers. 1 system fan and 1 cpu. A simple splitter or hub would allow for more fans but space is limited. My biggest suggestion is to go with a fully modular or semi modular power supply. I did not and I have a lot of extra cables tucked away.

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Quick question since you're the only reviewer that has this exact motherboard.

Did your stock cooler fit without any problems? I couldn't get the stock cooler that came with my Ryzen 5 2600 to fit since the AMD logo got in the way of the heatsink (turned it around and took out a RAM stick to make it fit).

Also, did only one of your RAM tabs open up? I couldn't get the one side of the slots to open up its tab, so I just put it in halfway and pushed the other half down.

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The stock cooler fit no problem. I upgraded to aio liquid cooler and there was a lot more room. It was easier to install also. My temperatures are much better. It is totally worth it and you will be able to fit your ram no problem too.

As far as the ram tab goes, i cant remember having any issues with it. I would have to look at it again to see how many tabs it had. Speaking of tabs though, the tab for the video card broke off. I have a vertical mount so it isn't a big deal but I did think that was poorly designed.

Good luck with your board.

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Really like your build!


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