I've updated this build a few times since I first built it - check the bottom for accurate specs & modifications!

So basically, this was my first ever custom PC build!

It went through a whole lot of changes - I initially wanted a 1600 instead of a 1700, and I also wanted to have a soundcard (but the native motherboard audio is good anyways) - and now I'm happy with it.

In terms of the build itself, I did it mostly on my own. My friend (Violet) helped me out a bit. I bought most of my parts in bulk and spent a few days slowly figuring out how it was all supposed to work.

When I finally got a windows key this week, and I turned it on - it was fantastic. Really happy with it.

I also decided to overclock it to 3.7ghz and I also managed to mess around with the default RAM settings, so that I could get my 3200Mhz RAM to at least go up to 2933Mhz on the Gigabyte motherboard (I still haven't figured out how to get 3200Mhz but I'm happy with it for now).

I'm happy with the performance so far - destroys anything that I throw at it, especially as overclocked and I got a score of 74/82/89 (75/84/91 since the new cooler install!) from - something that I never thought I'd dream of getting from a PC that only cost me a couple of grand.

I realise, finally, that I needed to probably just buy a fan, instead of a cpu cooler (in regards to the H7) - that said, I don't regret buying it, as Cryorig allow you to separate the fan from the cooler and then put the pretty white fan inside your case.

*After replacing the stock Wraith Cooler with the liquid cooler from DeepCool, and two exhaust fans (the Cryorigs) at the top, my PC now stays cool like a boss!

So yeah. Happy first build, happy first custom PC builder!



After I installed the 240EX RGB cooler, my idle temp is now 29 degrees @ 3.8ghz & 1.332VCore. Lovely, innit? 75 84 91!


I managed to OC the gpu to 2100mhz and 4503 memory clock rate! craziness, eh? Unfortunately I had to raise the voltage for my RAM as well (finally got it to 3066mhz on both sticks) but the added heat from the ram and gpu means that my cpu now idles around 32. 80/85/92!


So today I added in the two Noctua 140mm fans to the top - along with replacing my stock case phantex 120mm fan with one of my Cryorig 120's, and then going and putting the other Cryorig at the bottom of the front of the case (as there was no ventilation going into the bottom of it, and now my HDD has its own cooler). Current PRIME95 Full load temps max at 66 degrees.

Userbenchmark: 80/83/91!


Today I installed a push-pull config for my AIO radiator. Initial temps dropped to about 27 degrees idle but fan noise was up - so I dropped to a super-low custom fan curve that meant that my 9 fans never got too loud to actually irritate me (aside from on load). PRIME95 got up to 63 degrees initially, and 64 degrees on "quiet" gigabyte fan curves.

Later on 27/10/17:

I managed to install the RAM correctly in dual channel mode this time - now I've got a load temp of 65 with 1.368VCore (yeah I know it's high but I can't see myself doing anything else to boost it, and I'll replace this processor with a 1700x next year).

Userbenchmark: 80/85/93!


Day after the final dual channel mods and I think I'll just keep idle at 28 degrees. Sweet.


So I've installed a wireless/bluetooth card in my build now, and I get VDSL level wireless and an idle temp of about 29. This is also after the windows update (the Fall one) and so far, it's a lot more stable than the other windows creator's OS.

I also lowered the rating on my graphics card, so that I can play games without massive frame drops. I did a benchmark in Unigine and with my custom fan curve on my 1060 it never went above 70 degrees. Oh and it's also closer to Summer so idle temps will get higher.

Userbenchmark: 78/85/94!

Later on 02/11/17:

Realized that I forgot to add voltage to the graphics card OC... So now my benchmark is back to what I'd expect it to be like.

Also cleaned up the cables, hence the latest picture!

Userbenchmark: 80/87/94! (18th percentile) CPU-Z: Single-Thread = 436 : Multi-Thread = 4711


I managed to get 3.85ghz stable cpu through premier and through other 100% cpu usage stress tests. It reaches 64 degrees while rendering (the most cpu/ram/gpu intensive thing I do on this computer). I have 3200mhz RAM full stable now, along with a slightly higher gpu clock as well (benched through unigine to check for frame drops.)

Userbenchmark: 82/88/95! (still 18th percentile) CPU-Z: Single-Thread = 442 : Multi-Thread = 4792


So I did some thermal testing on a day that wasn't stupidly hot. Started up at 25 degrees. I left pc on for a half hour idle and came back with gpu at 26 and cpu at 26.

Cinebench loaded at 100% usage at 60 and in unigine it peaked at 68 degrees.

Part Reviews


Solid Processor. As a newbie Overclocker, I initially nearly broke the damn thing by constantly having to re-apply thermal paste and I bent four of the pins!

Luckily, it's very patient - and it let me put the pins back in line. No change in performance (I think) and handles a stable +800mhz overclock as is.

P.S DON'T overclock with the stock wraith spire cooler. Use water cooling. Please. There's literally a 24 degree difference between water cooling and the wraith spire in PRIME95.

CPU Cooler

I loved this cooler. Initially, I also thought that I'd broken this too - but then I realised that I had the fan intake the wrong way around. Well less than 30 degrees on idle and a MASSIVE difference in load temp between my initial wraith spire cooler (air) and this. Maxed out at 70 degrees on Load with my 3.8 OC.


Probably the weaker part of my build. I considered marking it down because of how difficult it was to get the RAM working properly on - BUT the fact that it offers a graphics card OC app along with a solid & stable OC system, + regular BIOS updates for the card makes me forgiving of it.

I also kinda accidentally stabbed it with my screwdriver a few times. Accidental but I'm gonna be way more careful when I upgrade to a K7.


Solid, stable RAM. Easy to install, fast, happy.


Great for a first build. I'll keep it as a second SSD when I change my main boot to a Samsung 960.


It's fantastic that I can just drop everything into it that I want to and not have to worry about clogging up my main activity space. Beautiful HDD.

Video Card

Great card with a stock OC that I then pushed harder to get to 2100mhz and 9000mhz clocks respectively. Again, thank goodness for the Gigabyte OC guru's fan curve though, as these cards get pretty cranky if you don't control their fan speeds all custom-like.


Pretty case. Great RGB and storage for all my gear. Looking forward to a second Phantex case in future though as my cable management at the moment (while completely my responsibility) is a bit sh** due to me kinda not realising that I can put smaller cables under the mobo.

Power Supply

Solid, aside from a "ZIIIIIINNNNNGGG" kinda sound (quieter than I made it sound) that it makes occasionally. I get that coil whine is a fact of life with PSU's but I really wanted it not to literally be the most noticeable part of my build (in terms of general sound output).

Wireless Network Adapter

Stupidly easy to install, solid wireless and bluetooth connections. Worth it.

Case Fan

Loving what these fans have done as part of a push-pull config on my AIO radiator - 28 degrees idle (same as before) but that's with hot air being pulled into the case!

On load, these bad boys hit 63 on initial PRIME95 tests! Holy crap they're good - yay for negative air pressure and solid air flow!

Case Fan

Absolute beasts. High CFM, low noise, literal 7 degree temp change as of latest install (25/10/17).

Case Fan

Originally got one of these (well, two of these) cause I thought they were just fans. Nope! I bought the H7 coolers, like a dummy. So I have spare coolers now. That don't fit AM4 boards, but that's my fault so no marks down (obviously).

Solid exhaust fan that isn't nearly as obnoxious as the phantex stock 120mm fan was (that phantex one works better as an intake anyways).

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  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

Spaghetti cables makes you regretti

  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

I've tidied it up a bit in the second photo :3 thanks for the help! It was a bit messy.

  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

Just be sure to take some time for cable management, especially in a windowed case. Good luck ;)

  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

thanks! Next time I'll be a bit wiser and a bit tidier :)

  • 27 months ago
  • 2 points

I actually thought the spaghetti look was intentional. I actually liked it, kinda looked like a vortex or tornado.

  • 27 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks dude. I legitimately had no idea what I was doing at the time. But now it's a bit nicer :)

  • 8 months ago
  • 2 points

cAbLe MaNaGeMeNt +1 :)

  • 8 months ago
  • 1 point

My cable management used to be terrible. It's much better now in my other watercooled rig _^

  • 28 months ago
  • 0 points

Please, please please do some cable management...

  • 28 months ago
  • -1 points

You try doing cable management with a case without a backend like a p400, I mean have you ever built a build using a p400

As your first build

Did you get it right the first time?

No? Was it picture perfect?

Was the point of your first build literally to get cables looking pretty?

Yeah? Did you not build a pc to actually build a pc?

Fun fact. Since I did clean up cables, my average temp actually increased. Isn't that nice, so true that cable management lowers overall temps like that.

Literally the first inbox message that I receive and it comes from someone who is either trolling or is genuinely concerned that I don't give a **** about cable management.

Cause I don't.

I like my pc.

You can spend hours twiddling your cables into a pretty little pile in the back of your case

Cool. Enjoy.

Please don't respond. If your goal was to trigger me, congratulations.

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 30 months ago
  • 1 point

Heyo, you're right - it was a bit messy. I've tidied it up a bit and have put the led strip up top __^ . Thanks for constructive feedback - I'll check out your build now :)

  • 30 months ago
  • 2 points

nice man. nothing like a nice and clean build. specially when youre displaying it sideways like mine. damn cables.

  • 29 months ago
  • 1 point

Nah, the cable management was on fleek