I recently built a R3 2200 budget APU system about 6 months ago and it has been serving me well to catch up on PC RPGs I've missed over the years. For the past 1-2 months I was considering adding a discrete graphics card to my system so I was browsing available deals. I was considering buying a new RX 570 or 580 but I didn't want to spend $150-200. I came across a EVGA GTX 970 that was being sold for $90 on ebay directly from EVGA (refurbished B-stock I'm guessing). Seemed like a very good deal so I jumped on it quick.

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they package the card well; it comes in a nice, simple box with the EVGA logo and the card itself looked brand new.

I'm pretty new to PC building and I was worried because there always seems to be issues that pop up when I'm trying to put stuff together. I was concerned that my case wouldn't have enough space and / or that the temperatures inside the case would get too hot. Thankfully there was enough space for the card to fit. However, the main issue I ran into was that SATA cables and the front panel cables were getting in the way of the GPU fans. I had to get creative and zip tie them to lead away from the fans. I also realized that my monitor was using an old VGA connection and I had to buy a VGA to DVI adapter from Microcenter (It was $6 and I didn't include it in the build price.)

Thankfully I think it's all put together now and hopefully it'll continue to run well! Feels so good to actually play games at 1080p. So far it is running Dragon Quest 11 at a pretty consistent 60 fps and the same goes for Street Fighter 5.

Thanks for checking out my build! And if there is a trophy for worst cable management let me know where to pick it up; lmao.

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Hey just a quick question, Did you have to flash the bios on the motherboard with an older CPU so it would work with the 2200g? Or did it work with no problem?

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Hey leoram425 it worked out of the box. I saw the 'Ryzen 2000' ready sticker on it when I bought it from Microcenter. If you're looking to use a 2200g these days I think you should just buy a B450 board.

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