I built this so I could work at home when I don't have access to the shop's computers. Needed a powerful CPU for 3D rendering and video editing, but didn't want to spend the cash to go to to an extreme platform (though X79 is pretty affordable these days). I've kinda also been using it to test programs and some hardware.

Had a couple of AMD and NVidia GPUs in it already but, for the most part, I use the on-board Intel graphics, which do a good enough job of running displays. And yes, I can play light games on it too. The longest serving graphics card has actually been a Titan Black. Currently its slot is empty.

Never seen a temperature above 57'C even while rendering 3D scenes in Blender. Thank you Hyper 212 Evo!

It's not the best system but for the price it was a build that would give me the most compute performance. Looking back, I think I should have gone with a Broadwell i7 with Iris Pro graphics but whatever. The 4790K came with a bunch of Software I wanted anyways, and a nice discount for Windows 8.1 (Upgraded to 10 when it came out).

Some future upgrades I have planned:

  • Been eyeing an M.2 or PCIe drive for a while but will wait until they go on sale and I can pick a ~250GB one up for under $200
  • Moar mechanical storage! Thinking of ordering a 4TB HDD to keep all my files on and using one of the current 1TB ones for a backup bank
  • Finally settle on a long-term GPU: 980Ti ?? Wait for next series ?? Fury X ?? Go to the Titan X ??
  • Two more 8GB sticks of RAM
  • Clear my desk so I can have the computer sitting on top of it instead of under it
  • The cooler is awesome but maybe a custom water cooling loop is in its future?
  • If a custom water cooling loop is decided on I want a side window!
  • If a side window is installed I have to clean up the cables even more and use sleeved extensions to make it nice and all

Part Reviews


As a CPU it may be the best Intel has to offer. It overclocks pretty well, provides you with ample processing power, and won't stutter under hard multi-threaded workloads. At stock speeds it's nothing impressive, but if you just push it to 4.5GHz and get a decent cooler on it it really comes alive.

The built in graphics are alright but still leagues behind an AMD APU - no surprise there - and lagging behind its Broadwell brothers with the Iris Pro graphics. You can easily use the integrated graphics for everything work-related though. Will play light/older games in the 1080p/60fps range. (Assassin's Creed 2 at 1080p averaged 45fps on a combination of medium-high settings)

CPU Cooler

It sucks away lots of heat, stays pretty quiet, and is easy to mount. There is no question why this cooler is the most recommended unit on the market right now. You just can't go wrong.

Be weary of RAM slot limitations though, as the fan itself may cover a slot, forcing you to use low profile memory.


It's a good board with all the features you need, but there are some hiccups.

The good: Lots of rear I/O, easy and clean BIOS, advanced features easy to get to, well spaced PCIe slots, great multi-GPU support, great color scheme

The bad: The motherboard heatsinks are held on poorly, overclocking in the BIOS is more complicated than it should be, too many sub-sub-sub-menus (all the arrows!!), CPU power and 24-pin sockets are annoyingly hard to route due to placement, not enough fan headers to comfortable fill a standard ATX case without using a splitter/hub


Love everything about this case except the space behind the motherboard. Had BitFenix made this case just 2cm wider by giving us more cable management room in behind the motherboard, the overall size wouldn't have changed too much and everyone would have been happier. As it is, there is very little room behind the tray for cable management, leading you to stuff a large amount of cables in the space behind the HDD cage.

The hot-swap SATA slot at the top of the case is great and can accept 3.5" or 2.5" drives easily. The hinged front door is great and closes with a firm and solid click. Filtered fan ports everywhere are easy to remove.

Power Supply

Included cables are extremely long and the sleeving isn't the best, but there really isn't anything else to complain about. It's a great PSU which provides ample power and stays pretty quiet. My first unit had major vibration issues but EVGA sent me a new one within hours of placing a complaint. 4/5 + 1 for such great customer service

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  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

I think you would need a GPU with everything being GPU accelerated nowdays. i couldn't get nearly as much work done without my 980ti pumping away in Premiere CC. Even with my OC on my i7 . It would be well worth your time to research into what acceleration your programs support. Anyways i hope i helped you a bit but you seem to know what your doing, have a good one. :)

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

Got rid of the Titan recently and am now deciding on what to replace it with. I'll wait till boxing day to see what sales come around

[comment deleted]
  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

Looks good. Good parts. But your hyper 212 is backwards. It's intaking air from the back exhaust? Need to swap the fan around bud! :)

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

Interferes with the RAM then. The back exhaust never even spins up so its fine, and the one exhaust that constantly turns away is at the top of the case.

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

hmm interesting, well as long as all the temps are fine :). it's just really weird cause it's pulling in hot air and blowing it back into your case and on your ram lol. just 99% of the hyper 212 builds have it the other way lol and if you have low profile ram it will fit. if you don't people would just move it from A to B. well as long as it works ;) still a good build nonetheless :)

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

I originally had a much smaller cooler so RAM clearance wasn't a concern. One day I'll do something with it but, as you said, the temperatures are fine and even though the airflow is a little weird it still seems to work alright. I'm not concerned.

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

The fury x has some amazing speeds in terms of raw compute, and the hbm would probably be beneficial to editing, but the 980ti has more vram which could help more.

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

I want to wait and see if AMD makes a Fury card with more memory. Imagine an 8GB Fury X

  • 50 months ago
  • 1 point

Well it has to do with AMD's HMB memory witch is speed>capacity as of right now. The Fury X is just AMD giving it everything they got to keep up to Nvidia in terms of raw preformance.