A system upgrade from my first build, Tesseract. Same case. I use this for work, video and photo editing as well as gaming.

I've been waiting to upgrade to Ryzen. when I bought the fx8350, the Ryzen was coming out in a few months so I benefited from the price drops, but wish I had waited. before and won't consider Intel till they come up with 6+ Cores with Multi-threading at AMDs price points. I also upgraded my previous GPU from r9 290x to gtx 1070.

Almost hit the silicone lottery - VCORE set at 1.35V Max for a 3.9GHz OC. Ran stress tests as well as Cinebench, played games and find it to be stable. Wanted to be able to hit 4GHz, but can't find it stable enough on the 1.35V safe limit.

Bought a m.2 NVMe SSD, Crucial P1 500GB. Firstly, I'm just amazed that what I paid for 120GB 2 years ago can now get you 500GB on an SSD. Not to mention that this m.2 NVMe drive is x2 faster than my 2.5 form factor SSDs. Made it my boot drive and it boots in maybe 6-8 seconds.

The M9a is an impressive cooler, keeping my 3.9 GHz overclocked R5 1600 at 76 degrees max with 10 minutes prime95 stress test - I added a second fan to it.

As usual tried getting the best prices I could and saved about $200 in total.

Big thank you to my brother for gifting me the RAM for my birthday.

I'm extremely happy with this build and probably won't be needing an upgrade for at least 2 years.

Part Reviews


Just a fantastic CPU and one of the best value for money processors of all time. It's modern day performance is versatile and impressive. Overclocking is easy and sees sizeable gains. This is just $40 more than what I paid for my old fx8350, adding to my relative amazement. AMD has outdone themselves here. My ONLY gripe- their stock cooler is garbage for the 1st gen. I didn't have the budget for 2nd gen, but their coolers are so much nicer even have an LED ring. Oh well, the performance at the end of the day is all that matters and this chip delivers.

CPU Cooler

As good as the famous and popular Hyper 212 Evo, looks great, is silent and comes with attachments for a second fan. I got the fan before AM4 was released, so unfortunately didn't get one of type A upgrade kit and by the time I finally got my Ryzen, Cryorig no longer offered the limited free kits for those of us in that situation. I did manage to buy one, and while I haven't installed it yet, it kept my fx8350 under 60 degrees at 4.4GHz, so I think I'll be more than fine when you consider it's a 120W TDP cooler with a 125W TDP CPU. The Ryzen 5 1600 is only 65W. so I hope to push overclocking with this and will update.


What a solid board from ASUS, I love that their connector layout was similar to my old ASUS M5A97 R2.0, installing this board was so easy. I love the IO shield, the BIOS, the USB ports, the audio chip, the onboard RGB, the quality pcie slots. I've owned 3 ASUS computers and will keep coming back. GREAT overclocking capability, 4+4 phase VRMs, 2 quality heatsinks. My only issue with this board is the on board SATA inputs, I can no longer use right angle cables, only straights, meaning two of my old cables are useless but at least some were provided, though it's beyond me why they would provide both right angle and straight cables, when the former is incredibly difficult to install, if you can at all.


Absolutely impressed by TEAM, especially for the cheapest price available on RAM these days. Performs extremely well in benchmarks, and is actually one of my best components.


Was very impressed by a company I didn't know, performs well although it is a bit old and overpriced now. Despite that, it is leagues ahead of other popular and unpopular brands alike such as ADATA, Kingston, Mushkin, WD and Seagate. It's only a 10% performance drop behind the crucial bx300.


Overpriced now, but works very well- competes with samsung in price to performance so is definitely the budget option. performance is still only within 10%, while prices can be as low as 30% When it comes to SSDs, I look for Crucial first.


Best SSD I have ever used. Amazing speeds. At least x2 faster than 2.5 form factor. Incredible value.

Video Card

GTX 1070 for a great price. Outstanding value and performance. Running almost everything max settings.


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Very nice indeed

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Thank you!

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how's the deepcool windblade fans? are they quiet?

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They're decently quiet, but don't provide as much airflow as I would like, sorry for the late reply but hope that helps