It's my plain home computer that I use mainly for gaming and college work at the moment. It's an ongoing build and mostly done last year. I've only just shown it on here because I was planning of upgrading the cpu to an FX6300 (supposed to be better and usually uses less watts than my current) earlier this year but I haven't found enough money for it despite it currently being quite cheap I think. The cpu, RAM, 500GB hard drive (operating system was already on this), and optical drive were taken from my old computer so I can't give a price for these other than the price data shown on this website if I didn't originally buy them for the old computer. I have also given a price for items which I bought and may have had a price change/no longer have any price data on here. The 500GB hard drive is used for the operating system and other more beneficial programs and college work. The 3TB hard drive is used mainly for games though I still have 1-2TB left of that free. Case was bought for it's particular size and cost because it was cheap and it fitted the space I needed to put it. Crucial RAM was originally bought from Crucial themselves so I selected the retailer with the closest price I think it cost. My graphics card was bought when the price was high but it was still supposed to be good value at the time. Unluckily the price dropped about £50 a month later. I am using a stock cpu cooler. The power supply seems to be abit overkill for my specs but I only bought it due to it being cheaper than a lower watt model from the same company at the time. Everything seems to work fine with my system so far though I may need some more cooling. I'll get the 3DMark 11 results as soon as possible. Thanks for looking.

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  • 70 months ago
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Not too shabby. Only thing I would do is install an SSD for OS if you are noticing any slow downs.

  • 70 months ago
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