Sorry if i mispelled something, i'm French. Oh and i know the cable management is not perfect and i apologize. Hi pcpartpickers, here's my build that i'll use mainly for gaming. Originally there wasn't any color scheme but then i choosed this GPU and PSU so i took this motherboard. I really wanted this build because my old PC couldn't handle the new games (during Battlefield Hardline's closed beta, my settings where at the lowest level of low settings, couldn't go any lower). PS: Since i live in France the build cost more, there's about 20% of taxes, i buyed everything on and RueDuCommerce ( sometimes it's hard to find what you are looking for, so, i didn't choosed some parts i wanted). The Cooler is barely touching the case window (168.5mm height with 170mm clearance) The overall have some yellow lighning at the bottom (GPU and Mobo) and blue on the top from the case fan.

CPU: Fits my needs and i'm gonna overlock it to at least 4GHz but not now.

Cooler: Oh i love Cryorig's products, very innovative, a double tower that doesn't even cover any of the RAM slots, it looks very good and is silent.

Thermal Paste: Good reviews and mrluckypants said it was one of the best.

Mobo: Good mobo, i didn't needed any big features of it or any of other's mobos but i wanted a good loking one so i took this one.

RAM: 8GB plenty sufficent for me, i didn't wanted a shiny red or blue ram so i took this black one, it had a good price on amazon.

SSD : I trust SanDisk and it's well priced and have a good performance, 128 GB was not enough for me.

HDD : I heard Seagate's HDDs tend to crash more so i took Western Digital one and it had the same price.

GPU: Comparable performance to the 770 and it was like 40-50$ less than the 770.

Case : I had some trouble finding a good case that fits my desk and this one looks good and have a lot of room for cable management, it was really easy to work in.

PSU: Gold rated and modular for the cable management.

Optical Drive : Just a lambda writer with a really good price.

Thanks a lot to: mrluckypants96/jhpcsb117/cooperred/elvenson/plgdg/Zhanchi, they really help me a lot for this build.

Part Reviews


No complaints works good.

CPU Cooler

Doesn't block any ram slots, easy installation, great performances. Watch the height!

Thermal Compound

Easy application, does it's work well


Good motherboard, 5 stars because DUAL Bios saved my a**.


It's ok but avoid it if you can, a bit slow compared to others. Longevity is very questionnable after 3 years


Good looking, easy to work with. But fragile front USB hub.

2018 Edit: Case is outdated now and compared to newer cases, is hard to clean.

Power Supply

Happy with the power supply, nice cables and good fan.

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  • 67 months ago
  • 2 points

nice. I was excited when cryorig announced the H7 but I jumped on the hyper 212 for $21 after rebate :( I weak lol

  • 67 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah, the 212 is a good CPU cooler but a lot of people use it and i wanted something more "original".

  • 67 months ago
  • 1 point

yeah that was my original thought too; originality. ah well