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Clean Crystal Glass Build - Put in some effort

by chelsfc2108


This is an upgrade (to aesthetics mainly) to my old Black/Red build (please see my profile for that build).

This time I put in some effort to cable management, not only in the case, but also on my desk.

Any questions please let me know, happy to answer :D

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HARPERETHAN 2 Builds 4 points 22 months ago

+1 just for that cable management on the backside of the desk. Great job!

grizzlybear3005 2 points 22 months ago

Cool cable management but you should have got a z270 board and a i5 7600k but overall sexy pc

Trinergy 9 Builds 5 points 22 months ago

He stated that he updated his old build. Why would he replace it with something that wasn't available a year ago?

SirHalpin 1 Build 2 points 22 months ago

Very nice cable management. +1

oneflygtiguy 5 Builds 2 points 22 months ago

So, new case, mem, GPU and another monitor. More than a little upgrade. Good work. It looks great. Maybe would have went neutral on the wire colors now that you have those RGB fans. The Corsair mini commander and two RGB light strings kits will give you some added RGB control too if your interested.

tcnixon21 2 points 22 months ago

Hey, build looks awesome! What monitor mounts are you using? How do you like them overall (any regrets about not buying a full motion mount)?

chelsfc2108 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 22 months ago

You can look on the left to see my monitor models. XG270HU and 27UD58

No regret really, the monitors are in the exact positions I want. My old desk and how it was designed did not allow me to install a dual monitor mount. I can tilt, swivel and do height adjustment with these mounts so they are good.

tcnixon21 1 point 22 months ago

Hey, sorry for being unclear in my first question; I was wondering which mounts you used for your monitors (the arms that are clamped to your desk and holding the monitors)? Which make and model are these mounts (looking to buy some for myself)?

chelsfc2108 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 22 months ago

Hi I bought the mounts from https://www.primecables.com/

They make their own monitor mounts, I bought them on sale for $23 each

tcnixon21 1 point 22 months ago


285Tech 1 Build 2 points 8 months ago

I swear this Acer Monitor was non vesa. How'd you do it?

chelsfc2108 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 5 months ago

Sorry for the late reply. You are correct, this Acer monitor is not vesa compatible. I bought the vesa adapter specifically for it from ebay, cost me like CAD 40 or something like that.

285Tech 1 Build 2 points 5 months ago

Gotcha. Really Clean Setup btw. very nice

pete46and2 1 point 20 months ago

where did you get the desk from?

Shorx 1 point 20 months ago

It is a ikea linmon/adils desk with an alex drawer unit.

chelsfc2108 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 19 months ago

lennon desk from ikea (sorry lennon prob is not the correct name. i can't remember exactly what it is)

azndevll 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

Hello I was wondering if you were able to control the LED on the Trident Z since you're using a Gigabyte Motherboard. If you are then what software are ou using?

chelsfc2108 submitter 2 Builds 1 point 16 months ago

I have never tried controlling the LED actually, since the default animation is good enough for me lol. But I guess you will have to download this to control them: https://www.gskill.com/en/download/view/trident-z-rgb-control

azndevll 1 Build 1 point 16 months ago

Yeah I tried the software and I'm able to control it even though I heard that the software doesn't work with any company besides Asus motherboards.

[comment deleted by staff]
chelsfc2108 submitter 2 Builds 3 points 22 months ago

RX 580. I switched from Nvidia, and I'm not buying Fury when Vega is coming in a couple of months. Both my monitors are FreeSync that's why I switched to AMD. Believe me, when that Vega Eclipse comes, I will be one of the first in line.

Resident Evil 7 shadow and a few other taxing settings on medium, texture quality and filtering on high, I play at 80-100 fps, taking advantage of the Acer monitor. Prey everything high except shadow, 80-90 fps easy. You already know how Doom runs on AMD, so no need for me to say here. I consider those AAA titles. Every games that need to be played at high refresh rate (shooting games, etc...), I am playing at high refresh rate.

The 4k monitor is for watching 4K movies, and productivity. Only 1080Ti can play 4k games at max settings @ 60hz, and for the gtx 1080 you have to turn down settings. Either way, I'm not buying Nvidia, so the only way to play games on 4k is to wait for VEGA.