I built this early 2018, thinking I would like a fancy windowed case without optical drive slot because I've never had one before, but a year later I have finally decided to go back to a non-windowed case and get a optical drive slot again, because my USB-SATA adapter was flakey.

As you can tell by the pictures, the computer is on the floor and is full of dust and finger prints. A windowed case is not for me.

But I really liked this build, and how neat and clean the Define C case is (it's a lovely case, I highly recommend it if you dont need optical drive) so I want to post my build of it to remember it.

The picture quality is pretty horrible, but it's good enough for me to spark a memory.

I didn't buy all the things at once. I keep things for years and upgrade when needed. Although in this particular computer everything is pretty fresh, except the MX100 SSD, lol.

Part Reviews


Slower than Ryzen 1700X when transcoding x264 stock, but faster when overclocked. Monster for gaming.

CPU Cooler

The "you want a Noctua cooler but you dont want the NH-D15 taking up all your case" cooler.


Hackintosh compatible with a few tweaks to Clover (RAM configuration).


Originally got these for my Ryzen build because theyre CL14 and 3200 MHz. They're fantastic.

Video Card

It's pretty loud when it spins up and very hot, but it was cheap when I got it so, eh.


Super clean and nice case. In retrospect I should've gotten the non-window version. Probably the best ATX case if you dont need optical drive imo.


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Once you see the tan and brown, you know they aren't messin' around.

Nice build.

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Have you overclocked the CPU? With the fan cooler that processor would burn up.

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nah, noctuas are the best fans there are. Not everyone wants bling and aesthetics over performance and silence.

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an aio will never be as quiet as a good noctua. It is basically impossible when you have a pump. Also, a noctua air cooler has literally never leaked coolant on a graphics card.

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Luck, and not moving it too much.